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Lockin b’s Away – Judith – 2009

When I’m away from home I’m always looking for something good to play on my eee laptop. That is not an easy task. Some legacy games run but almost anything new is a crapshoot if it will run decently on this underpowered laptop. Given I have the newest consoles at home it’s nice to play something that isn’t graphically cutting edge or built solely for making as much money as possible.

On and off I’ve been following the blog of Terry Cavanagh and been meaning to try out a few of his games. Waiting for the right time to pull the plug on VVVVVV so today I finally took some time out to play a previous release of his called Judith.

Not the song.

On the premise  is “a game about control” but what I got from it is “how well do you know who you hold dear?”. As the game is very short (took me about 15-20 mins not 100% sure) I don’t want to give away anything but what you do in this game is not about action but more about discovery. The themes if you read into them are slightly heavy but not slammed down your throat and can be slightly creepy. Make sure to pay attention as the game doesn’t require a lot of time. Enjoy the music look past the clear graphical short comings and play in a quiet room. Recommended for brief distraction.

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  1. bun says:

    i just used wine to play it on my laptop and i enjoyed it. btw: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebeard's_Castle

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