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Little Fish Big Pond – God of War 3 – 2010

Much like Arkham Asylum things surprisingly didn’t start well with God of War 3. After getting the game in the mail I furiously put the disk in and started playing. After replays of the original games on Titan (Hard) difficulty over a few years back I figured the new one would be a walk in the park. Being a stubborn man and being a little rusty in the genre the first level proved to be difficult. After getting a few hours into the game I hit one of a series of glitches where I had to use a previous save as my checkpoint save was boned and impossible to progress. After that setback I took some time away from Kratos’s revenge. Ended up finishing Arkham Asylum first then took a slight reprise from gaming for a few weeks then came back to God of War 3.

Minus my own bonehead mistake and a few forgivable gameplay glitches God of War 3 provides  a definite and satisfying end to a story that started March 22, 2005. It’s crazy over five years ago I purchased God of War the first day it came out after following the development the series became an absolute favorite of mine. Back in 2007 I wrote about frustration regarding the “middle” series of games (Singling out Halo 2 and God of War 2) feeling like hooks to buy the next games to see the “end” and in turn spend thousands dollars in console hardware. Halo 3 ended up being one of my favorite and most played games of all time and completely made me forget how furious Halo 2 made me in the past. God of War 3 is the same. The game takes absolutely everything from the second entry, keeps the fire going and delivers more then I would have ever thought possible three years ago with the best video game ending of all time.

Shit you not…it’s the best prove me wrong I dare you. It’s the ending I wish Metal Gear Solid 4 had the balls to do.

Much like the Matrix Revolutions it’s a DEFINITE ending. It’s done. Over.


This is a screenshot from the first level. You fight while on a moving living mountain creature ten billion times larger then the player character. The game with no loading times is able to go from combat to roving camera to cinematics seamlessly. What Metal Gear Solid 4 started God of War 3 finishes. Time and time again the scope of the bosses to battles to platforming is staggering. There is still room for improvement as  I’ve always longed for a game were it feels legitimately like warfare rather then a series of encounters/areas/levels. Developers still like spawning enemies that pop out of nowhere and God of War 3 is not an exception. The set pieces are what matter here.

As stated earlier I played the game on Titan (Hard) difficulty. I unlocked one costume on my play though and my prerder should have emailed me another but I never received the code. Earned 68% of the trophies (28 out of 36 achievements) without reading a guide or grinding for any. The game autosaves at the last gameplay section and here are my stats. Again I’m not sure if these are 100% accurate. I would highly suggest all to just play this game on Normal.

Total Playtime 14:03:11
Total Deaths 213
Total Saves 48
Max Combo 151
Red Orbs Collected 109,327
Kills 1916
Brutal Kills 161
Mini Game Wins 62

I was able to max out upgrades, health, magic, and item tracks along with over 6000 orbs (money) to spare. I was able to find a few of the collectibles but not all of them in the campaign. Still need to go though the Challenges and Combat Arena. The “making of” featurettes are fantastic if you’re into that stuff.

Winding down my thoughts and time with God of War 3 what will stay with me is the ending. Not the few times of frustrations on a hard check point or the few glitches I was able to discover but my final emotional moments with Kratos. The final boss and ending sequences are truly brutal. It reminds me of watching the season one finale of 24 the first time where for a moment I didn’t feel jaded towards a various medium and was truly taken back with what happened.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Nice post vanlandw. It is hilarious that you wrote such a glowing review of the game when you were so furious with it for the last few hours it took for you to defeat it. Also, you forgot to mention how they moved the button indicator on the quick time events.

  2. vanlandw says:

    The game would have been much more enjoyable on “Normal” rather then “Hard”. I should have saved the harder mode for a future replay. The last boss is a fair difficulty it took awhile but it was a part before then that gave me problems.

    The quicktime indicator I did want to mention but it was only a problem for me or would be for somebody with limited vision. The previous games used to have a transparent indicator in the middle of the screen above the enemies for the quicktime events. Now they first flash on the extreme sides of the screen corresponding with their placement on the controller. This caused me problems and hurt my eyes at first I found because I was sitting too close to the screen and by the end of the game I was able to adjust. During the quicktime events you want to look at the center of the screen as there is all the action but you have to look to the sides to proceed. There is no setting to change this for classic mode and I would have loved to change this setting. In comparison to the previous games there are much less QT events and during battle they are all easer and used less.

    Dante’s inferno also does this but all the events are on the top right of the screen.

  3. payner says:

    Vanlandw you are clearly forgetting that the greatest ending of all time belongs to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I am glad that you have enjoyed your video gaming. BRB.

  4. vanlandw says:

    That is a classic moment in history payner defeating Allied Assault. You seriously single handedly defeated the german army jumped on a train and that is it. Worst ending of all time


  5. Vo says:

    II finally beat the first God of War……while downloading the Halo: Reach beta

  6. vanlandw says:

    Great work Vo I’m really happy you defeated that game. On it’s normal setting minus a few platforming parts it’s a fun quick game I hope you enjoyed it.

    I would like to get the God of War Collection for PS3 but I’m waiting on a deal. Hopefully Amazon does a buy two PS3 greatest hits get one free. Killzone 2/Uncharted/GOW Collection f/ $60 would be amazing.


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