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Farewell Good Friend – Halo 2 – (2004)

I would say the last generation of consoles was the heaviest I was ever into gaming. PS2, Game Cube, and the Xbox were in close proximity and I have very fond memories of playing many games with many friends.  Halo 2 was a sizable part of my life and the initial offerings of Xbox Live proved a good segue to a change in multiplayer gaming for me away from Counter Strike.

Halo 2 was the last game I preordered. Halo 2 was my last midnight launch. Looking at my game history under my first XBL gamertag my Halo 2 matchmaking history logged 660 games spanning a year after the release.

I remember everybody hating the campaign ending and being completely confused having to play as The Arbiter.

I remember the parser jja made to log all multiplayer stats on his server so they would be saved.

I remember one big team battle where my entire team at one point was friends of mine. That is seriously badass.

Clan Whop?

If Microsoft wasn’t shutting down XBL for original Xbox games I wouldn’t even have bothered to think about all this.

Couldnt See This One Comin

Couldn't See This One Comin

Knowing that the end was near I found it fitting that me and JJA play a few final games to say farewell to a fond friend. After playing for a few hours the community doesn’t seem to be much different from years ago. The following are quotes I typed out while waiting in the lobbies waiting for games to start (NSFW).

“wuz up van-land-w”

“You fa**ots suck at Halo”

“No players needed why are we waiting Bungie you bunch of jackoffs”

I was shocked people were still talking shit in Halo 2.

A touch I found cute was when you wait for matchmaking to complete there is a “Did you know?” section that rotates with facts. They all seem to be recently updated and the results I found rather humorous. Here is a site that has screenshots of a series of the the new listings my favorite has to be either “Tired of obnoxious teammates or opponents? Use the handy mute feat..oh yeah that hasn’t been invented yet”, and “Title Update 4 adds Theater support, screenshots, and Forge to Halo 2! Coming: NEVER.”

Looking at my stats anybody can tell I didn’t play that well the last few nights. Honestly I didn’t really care. It was interesting to see so many nerds come out and play a five year old game like this. Sadly in my rotation not all my favorite Halo 2 maps came up but I did get to play one last game on Terminal. The train on this level always makes it hysterical and the bomb modes of Halo 2 were always frantic especially on this stage. Many of the Halo 2 maps are great (and not great) and if time permits today (I doubt it) I’m hoping to do a final game on my favorite Halo 2 level Headlong.

Part of me is sad to see games like Halo 2 no longer being supported. Buying into a product like this the “game owner” in me says that I paid my money in and forever I should be able to come to this experience if I want. The “game player” says Halo 3 and the pending Halo: Reach is going to be leaps and bounds better then this aging relic. My final take away from Halo 2 will be in the last match I played a very nice man after a pretty competitive game said the following.

“Good Game Guys”

Roger that enemy spartan….

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