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Come on Bats! – Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a game I’ve played before in many incarnations. The intro scene in Batman is reminiscent to the walk up to the prison in Butcher Bay. Many of the environments, especially the Botanical Gardens, look like a level straight out of Bioshock. The stealth elements are of the  simplified Splinter Cell variety. This list could go on I’ll stop here…

Bauer, Brady, Batman. Being cool requires choking a bitch.

My travels though prison didn’t start off well. As somebody with no background in comic books I didn’t know what to expect. Knowing that the game is not based off the recent movies series I was still thrown off when Christian Bale wasn’t growling poorly but some man I’ve never heard before was speaking very stoically almost comically (pardon the pun) as Batman. After my first few fist fights it was also bothering me that nothing I was doing was “lethal”. Everybody was getting knocked out or unconscious and even throwing bat boomerangs at their throats wasn’t taking anybody to their graves. Even stringing enemies from the rafters was knocking them out. Batman refused to hang them properly.

After awhile I got a grip of the combat and started picking up that even though I’m not mowing down prisoners to their graves the game is still dark. Not as hard as Riddick but still tells a dark story in a dark place. Even though Batman isn’t waxing fools the damage from the escaped prisoners is everywhere. To get a “T” rating blood is kept to an absolute minimum but this is a hard ‘T’ rated game.

As the game progressed I liked the small touch how Batman’s outfit degraded with damage. As the game progressed Batman could apply armor upgrades and I hated how the armor upgrades didn’t make any visual impact on his suit. Mark Hamill as the Joker was fantastic. He’s everywhere in this game and the game benefits from it. Overall minus Batman most of the voice acting is impressive. There are tons of extra modes and collectibles after the story mode is over. There are reasons to come back making value at an impending Greatest Hits price strong.

The game was completed on “Hard” difficulty. 705 “G” was earned.

Challenges 15%
Riddles 204/240
Upgrades 20/20
Character Bio’s 37/42
Completed 82%

I would recommend to just play on Normal for the everyday player. Hard might produce some frustrating moments depending on how quickly you can pick up the combat especially on boss battles. For the Riddler Challenges the 70% achievement is a good goal to aspire. I hit 85%+ but a few I did have to look up in a FAQ for assistance and skipped a few because even after looking them up I couldn’t figure them out. After you beat the game you can revisit the island to pick up the challenges you missed as well.

Many thanks to Vo for letting me borrow the game. He lent me Batman the same week God of War 3 arrived in the mail. Never would I have expected to beat this game first but that is for another post.

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  1. Vo says:

    The stoically comical Batman voice is Kevin Conroy. He was the voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series from the 90′s. He also handled the Justice League and JL: Unlimited series. The developer went back to the original animated vocal cast for all of the characters in this game.

  2. vanlandw says:

    At the start of the game he has ALOT of hokey lines. He didn’t bother me as much later in the game and I really didn’t mean to single him out in my post it’s not that he’s bad he’s just really dry in comparison to everybody else. I was going to sand blast him but he picked it up.

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