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I Can’t Quit You Dom – Gears of War 1/2 (2006/2008)

Since getting the Platinum Hits version of Gears of War in September I’ve apparently beaten RAAM four times. Once with vanbergs, once with vanberge, once with jjafuller, and once on my own.

Honestly I have no idea what this means. I hate Dom. I hate Baird. I hate Cole Train. I hate the forced walking parts. I hate when you get torn apart from your teammate only to get to hard checkpoints and die a lot. I hate Anya. I hate Maria. I hate Adam Fenix. I hate getting Torque Bow’ed. I hate the vehicle sections. I hate krill.

I cheer when Kim dies.

Why would I revisit a game where it seems I pretty much despise everything?

Thinking about this over washing some dishes and I was unable to come up with a rational explanation on how I could play the same old (in this hobby) game so many times in six months.

It’s not even worth trying to sum it up in words. All I know is I need a partner for my Gears of War 2 Insane run.

Update June 13th, 2010: As stated I needed a partner for my GoW2 Insane run. This has been completed with vanbergs over XBL. Took us about three sittings to finish the game.  MAYBE I’ll try to get all the “documents” out self -disrespect for myself.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    If you cannot find anyone in the next few months I’ll do you a solid. Also, we need to play the Borderlands expansion

  2. vanlandw says:

    The Borderlands expansions need to drop in price.


    I can’t believe they did a retail release of these and didn’t include the new one. What a joke…

    We also need to finish our Halo 3 Legendary run.

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