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On No! I rolled a ZERO! – vanlandw plays D&D

This past Saturday, Jason, Rusty, jja, and myself joined forces against an unholy scourge to save a beleaguered bunch of traitorous villagers. It might sound like we joined the armed services but instead we gathered at White Cap Comics for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I love playing all types of games and I’m up for trying anything so I figured I would meet up and try a game of D&D.



It’s hard to write about something that I don’t fully understand. There seems to be over five “rule books” and even the veterans in the middle a game need to refer to the documentation. The basics are simple and being able to quickstart with a premade character was nice. Since I was a little late to the game I was provided “Kalen” the “Male Half-Elf Ardent” as my avatar. All my abilities and skills were set for me and my miniature had a very long sword even though my game day card said I had a “Defensive Halberd”

I was actually kinda shocked how quickly I was able to pick up the game. At the start I enjoyed the background of the game and the narrative. The DM told us that our group has awoken in a hole not knowing how we got there. Clearly everybody took this to be we had a hard night of drinking and some jerkoff threw us into a cave to die. Quickly we got into battle and with some help I had a few epic turns. Anybody playing in an understanding group with patience I could see any willing player being able to sit down and pick up the game as quickly like I did. Clearly the DM was using the game to challenge the people in our group who has played before but I was honestly nervous about going there playing like an idiot and everybody hating me.

To put things simple D&D is just pure insanity. The game we played took over six hours and that felt really long. We played in a group of six players and it could take awhile for a players next turn to come around. Some turns could be over in 5 seconds with a bad roll. Of course this comes from somebody who only knows the bare basics of the game so take what I say with a grain of salt.

After finding out what the game is all about I do find it interesting. The community seems to be very passionate about the game. The place we went there were young people, old people, men, women, nerdy looking guys, and non-nerdy looking guys. After playing Xbox Live for a bit and in almost all public games getting grief from the lowest common denominator of humanity the welcoming environment was comforting. The DM was helpful and answered all questions without making me feel like a dillhole.

Will I play again? Of course if it came up I would absolutely sit at the table again. At this point I don’t think I’ll actively set out to find a game or a group to play with but next time I get to the GRPL I’m going to check to see if they have the rule book so I can educate myself before my next game. After I get my tax returns I’m going to buy a miniature and some dice because they are cheap and I thought they were kinda cool.

JJA wrote a post (here, here) about our game and worth checking out for photos of the game location.

“Ok, I’m going to use my Demoralizing Strike on the main guy using two powerpoints. 27 vs ac?”

“Thats a hit”

Oh brother…

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    That game was definitely long, and felt it. The task resolution in 4e is really slow, especially with a big group. I honestly think that a party of 4 is the sweet spot. Most games are designed to be played in about four hours which is much more reasonable. One of these days we need to get together and play some wushu or something.

    We’re doing LFR at Langes this Saturday if you’re interested. Its just off the highway so it shouldn’t take too long to get there.

  2. vanlandw says:

    Wushu sounds pretty badass.

    The game was really long I was thinking it took a few hours max. I guess having a few noobs didn’t help the flow of the game so I guess for a a first exposure it wasn’t a big deal for the game to take some time.

    I prob won’t be able to make it this Saturday but I will try to make it some time. If the game was shorter and when I get familiar with the rules I would totally play again.


  3. Jeffrey says:

    Yup, LFR is 4.5 hours max, and Undermountain is 2 hours max. They run LFR on the second and last Saturday of every month and undermountain is every Sunday

  4. vanlandw says:

    Yeah four hours is much more manageable. Also if I brought some food I would have been much more confortable. Next time I come with a few soda’s and a sandwich chips ect it would be much better. The two other guys we were playing with had the right idea. Tons of snacks and a ef’n pizza.

    JJA do you have the ISBN or the name of the players book you had or recommend one that I should get from the lib?

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