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Completed: Spectrum Health 2010 Irish Jig

A month ago I posted about registering for the 2010 Spectrum Heath Irish Jig. This past Saturday was the race. Thankfully I was able to finish and ran my best 5K since high school.

The weather was crap. 30′s and snowy and I’m sure that effected the turnout to a degree but still there was a lot of people. Really I didn’t prepare for this run at all. I did maybe three workouts since writing about it last month. Overall I’m pretty happy with my time. There were a few parts on the track I got stuck behind a few slow people but that didn’t hurt my time overall. At the gun I was all the way in the back where I should have moved up forward to the start. Next races will be the Town Crier Race in Saugatuck April 10th and the 5/3 Riverbank Run May 8th.

After the race I ate two pieces of cake. That is all.

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