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One Drop of Blood – Ninja Gaiden 2 (2008)

There is a trick to Ninja Gaiden 2 that took me forever to understand.

A little bit of history.

Back in 2004 I was very excited about the Xbox version of Ninja Gaiden coming out. Much to my misunderstanding the game ultimately ended up being an extraordinarily difficult game (Alma ugh read the comments). This conditioned me to play a certain way in these type of games to avoid getting stuck. Mostly not relying on healing items to get past sections and repetition would make you better.

In Ninja Gaiden 2 you don’t need to do that. The trick of the game is to spend your essence (money). Upgrade your weapons ASAP and buy healing items and USE THEM to get past tricky sections and bosses. After beating Ninja Gaiden 2 I had over 400,000 essence banked up and there is plenty of shops to replenish healing items used. Early in the game when I was having massive issues if I just spent my money I think the whole game would have been totally manageable. After taking over a six month break from the game I was able to beat the final four chapters in two evenings. In Ninja Gaiden 1 if memory serves me there is no way to make enough money to keep buying healing items more or less upgrade all your weapons.

This is not a proclamation that Ninja Gaiden 2 is easy. Clearly this is not a game for everybody and I would recommend it to nobody.

Hardest 100g Ever Crafted

Hardest 100g Ever Crafted

This battle is the best part of the game and maybe one of the best fights ever in a videogame. An accending staircase of from what I’ve read of over 100 ninja’s coming to fight you. I couldn’t find a better video of the section but at least the guy in the video is using the Tonfa’s and this shows the sheer highlights of the game. Violence, fast action, and brutality. There might not be a more visceral game combat wise, well until God of War 3 comes but but we will see.

This glitch is the worst part of the game. When fighting one of the last bosses I got glitched thus having to re-fight the boss prior to this. Honestly it wasn’t a big deal but when your on the road to beating the game and busting your ass the last thing you want to do is do something over.

After I beat the game I decided to replay the first few levels last night. While blowing though the intro sections of the game I started reflecting why I’m migrating towards harder games. Inside I believe part of me knows that as I get older being able to dedicate myself to an experience like Ninja Gaiden 2 might not be something I’ll be able to give a full commitment to. Quite frankly it might be something I won’t even want to do. Look at these completions stats and anybody will be able to understand why.

Path: Warrior
Karma: 19533689
Game Time: 009:40:25
Kills: 2687
Deaths: 366
Crystal Skulls: 21
On my save game it shows a time of 13:15:47 (I believe this counts deaths and overall playtime but I’m not 100% sure)

On my “Path of the Warrior” I drove Ryu Hayabusa to death THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX TIMES. Granted many times after a poor start to a battle I just conceded death but still after hearing “HEEEAAAYAAH!” and seeing GAME OVER that many times is not for the weak of heart.

If Ninja Gaiden drove you to insanity don’t be afraid, Ninja Gaiden 2 gives Ryu additional advantages in his second outing. The key is using every single one and learn the system, the reward is the best action combat system ever. Ultimate and Obliteration Techniques are seriously amazing.


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  1. Vanberge says:

    You had to spend your money right away? I bet that was pretty hard for you vanlandw… :-P

    JK vanlandw you rule. You have slaughtered me in G… it was tragically inevitable.

  2. vanlandw says:

    Trust me I went though 10 chapters of that game buying no healing items at all. I upgraded a series of weapons the ones I liked the most and seemed to be the most practical for use to progress. If I was to play that game again I’m sure I would have much less problems.

    Yes I have surpassed you in “G”. I was thinking about waiting until the baby was born but decided not to. Clearly “G” doesn’t matter at all. After hitting 10,000 I haven’t cared much about it. I mostly like “G” to compare games. I still really want to pass JJA thought but his lead is pretty impressive and I’m not going to grind 2k6 sports games to catch him :-)

  3. vanlandw says:

    Best critical review I could find on Ninja Gaiden 2. Better written then what is here and a very good read.


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