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Today I got my oil changed. The wonderful techs at McGraw Tire Co did a fantastic job. They sent me a coupon for a free lube/oil/filter in the mail and they did it minus any complaints. They also do full auto repair so when I finally decide to be my ABS break light fixed they may get my business.

While I was driving around town today I was noticing something very odd. Normally I don’t see many Cutlass’ like mine on the road. While cruzin though east town and on my way to work today I passed at the least ten of my car. Normally I may see a few in a week but today all the GR Cutlass owners must have been out in full force today.

Tonight should bring a self change of my air filter on my car. Hopefully I don’t destroy my engine in the process. Wish me luck…

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  1. vanbergs says:

    I changed my air filter when I was 16. It’s the easiest thing in the world vanlandw.

  2. Jeff says:

    A lot of people say that about batteries too, but in mine you have to remove the windshield washer receiver, a support brace, and a few other things just to get to see it.

  3. hellokittn says:

    vanbergs should use his super magic mojo powers to will the stripped bolt out of its threaded home.

  4. GunBunnie says:

    Heh, my first car was an ’89 Cutlass Ciera. I ran that thing into the ground though and had to “upgrade” to a ’94 LeSabre with paint problems. Other than that the thing runs fine. I just think it’s funny that both my cars are named after swords.

  5. vanlandw says:

    If Pontiac named the G6 coupe the “Pontiac Firearm” i would already own one.

    i love weapons i love vanbergs and i hate my car

  6. Kramer says:

    The G6 is a really nice car. I acually perfer the sedan to the coupe though. The coupe has some horrible rear visibility.

    My first car was the gold Saturn station wagon, you guys remember that one? What a pimp ride that was.

  7. vanlandw says:

    I remember mabel yes. That was quite the ride to obtain females in.

    My first car was a Dodge Shadow V6 that i barrelled into the back of a white ford excort while skidding on invisible ice.

    I love the Coupe. Sadly the only thing i really like about my current car is the visibility is top notch. I don’t plan on getting a new car for years anyway so I’m just living in a dream world :-(

  8. Kramer says:

    No…that was the car before Mabel. Mabel was my grey Oldsmobile.

    I had the Saturn wagon sophomore, and a little bit during junior year.

  9. vanbergs says:

    “I don’t plan on getting a new car for years” – vanlandw

    “I may get one in 2007″ – vanlandw

    You should buy a new auto, vanlandw.

  10. vanlandw says:

    i may block you vanbergs

  11. mickeyvb says:


    You drive a Cutlass… enough reason alone why you don’t see many others.

    My first car was a 66 Mustang fastback… 4-speed, 289 hy-po… 650 bucks…
    (sold 1 year later for 1400… bought 69 RoadRunner 440-six-pack!)

    I now own a 73 Cuda that you can actually work on soon as you pop the hood… no spending 45 minutes removing plastic shrouds just to get to the oil filler cap.

    You CAN change your own filter… King Van grants you the power to do so…

    So let it be written, So let it be done!

    Pick it Up!

  12. Kramer says:

    I am quite jealous of MickeyVB’s rides.

  13. vanlandw says:

    mickeyVB had informed me is should pick it up and i will try my best to do so :-[

  14. Kingjim665 says:

    Living here in ireland, during the 80 all you would see are japanese cars, nissan, toyota etc. during the 90 the economy improved and you would see more european cars, mercs, audi, volvo, renault etc, now in the ’00, i see a hell of a lot more america manufactured cars, thats not a bad thing, i even saw a dodge viper rt10 there last week and i have see a few of those chrysler 500c cars, they cost about 75,000 euro over here.

    So what are things like in america, is the tide of japanese cars receeding? are you seeing a lot more american made cars or are the european manufacturers starting to crack the american market?

    my dream car would be a Merc-Mclaren SLR-55.

  15. vanlandw says:

    In Michigan you see a lot of SUV’s, sedans but mostly american cars. Michigan is pretty conservative I don’t see many fun cars. Where I live there isn’t THAT much money flowing around so people get cars to get them to work and back.

    When I lived on the other side of the state in a little more “rich” area I used to see more fun cars. The highschool I went to kids had better cars half the time then what most people do in GR.

    The SLR is an amazing car. I think Paris Hilton has one :-(

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