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Oscar Mike! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) – VETERAN

Select Difficulty > Veteran > You will not survive > Are you sure? > Yes > Are you absolutely sure?

On the first campaign mission of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″ I seriously died INSTANTLY after waking up/spawning. Figuring I was in for another long ride I got my mind set for more self inflicted inner turmoil and frustration but ultimately MW2 ended up being a completely reasonable game in comparison to it’s predecessor.

MW2 is a First Person Shooter about lightly interconnected implausible military themed scenarios. The stories of the Modern Warfare games from what I could gather are about theoretical global warfare and putting the player in control of multiple highly trained operatives around the world in the middle of it all. In both games I ultimately didn’t pay any attention to the story and found many of the characters annoying (OSCAR MIKE!) but you don’t come to a COD game for a life altering narrative.

I came to prove my gaming cred to absolutely nobody and beat this sucka on Veteran difficulty.

MW2 did fix a series of issues I had with the first game. One was putting a face to the player character as John “Soap” MacTavish makes an reappearance first as a hand holder NPC with plot armor then in later missions as a playable character. Clearly with this type of game he’s entirely one dimensional but I’m glad to see one of my major complaints with COD4 addressed if only slightly.

With COD4 most of my displeasure came from a complete lack of actual “Modern Warfare” and with it  frustratedly high difficulty. From a players perspective infinitely spawning enemies and poor enemy AI seriously drove me to look up game play videos just to pass seemingly impossible checkpoints. MW2 is still an overtly scripted experience as all COD games are but after beating the game I can assure there are absolutely no infinitely spawning enemies. There are still a few sections where there will be guys just sitting in a room inexcusably waiting for you to walk in and shoot you down but for most of the game the opposition isn’t just hiding and camping carefully placed by a level designer to murder you. This is a very welcome change as I honestly felt at times the enemies were taking action as expected including unscripted movement, flanking, running, taking cover, and even sometimes forming retreat!

This completely blew me away…

After getting past the first checkpoint in the first level (after dying seven times in five minutes) I started noticing some of the voice acting talent and honestly it was quite surreal. While reloading I heard 50 Cent (Window Shopper) spouting some military mumbo jumbo to me. While crossing a bridge Lance Henriksen (Frank Black) barked some orders demanding me to take his helicopter. After storming a church Glenn Morshower (Agent Pierce) said something similar sounding to every line of his in the movie Black Hawk Down. All this happened while Keith David (The Arbitor) had the “•Follow” title over his characters head ironically telling me to follow him. MW2 honestly has some pretty good voice talent and voice work but sadly all this talent had little to work with.

Clearly I played MW2 on the Veteran difficulty acting as there was no other option. Campaign Play Time: 10:47:53. If played on “Regular” this would be a 5-6 hour game max. This was my first playthough and I did not resort to any FAQ’s, walkthoughs, or video assistance as I needed for COD4. The campaign really is only one reason to show up at the party for this one. Over the last few days I’ve played a few multiplayer matches and mostly got my ass handed to me. Most of the multiplayer I believe revolves around rewards systems but plays very fast and the community is huge and abrasive. Every game I played somebody tried to pronounce my gamertag and in return giving me shit. Matchmaking is quick and I was able to get into games in half the time it takes for Halo 3. Sadly I was not playing in a party of friends but wouldn’t mind playing more if the opportunity presents itself.

Also there is the Special Ops mode that serves as the co-op offering. These are separate missions many themed off levels in both COD4 and MW2 all short with multiple levels of difficulty. There is no story behind the missions but honestly playing a few of these gave a thirst for scenarios like this included in the campaign with the co-op aspect. I’ve been able to play a third of the Special Ops missions co-op and on Veteran these are hard especially if you and your partner are  separated as there are no checkpoints. You die you start over. The most interesting mission we played was “Overwatch“. In this mission one partner is on the run on the ground attemping to get to the end while the other is in the air in a AC-130 similar to my favorite section of COD4. The concept of giving my real partner cover from the air was noble and hopefully future COD games incorporate this type of option included as part of the campaign.

On the second mission “Cliffhanger” your player character starts right on the edge of a cliff. Not even paying attention I when I was given control I ended walking straight ahead falling right off the cliff. This almost brought me to tears I found it so funny as 99.9% of the time “go straight ahead” is the correct course of action in these type of games. This moment is what I’ll remember most about this game. So much is so good about this game where as so much is so bad. The action at times can strongly riveting (anything with the javelin and predator missiles) where on a few parts I actually found myself saying “holy shit”. The action at times can be so awful and broken (No Russian) it takes the player so out of the game and is borderline insulting.There is also a vehicle in this game named “Punta Gorda“.

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  1. Vo says:

    I started playing this game on my first profile on hardened and got a fair percentage of the way through it before I got a new gamer tag and went LIVE. I now have to do this all over on Veteran. Needless to say, I’m a bit pissed.

  2. vanlandw says:

    MW2 is without question a easier game you have nothing to worry about. A weekend you should have it finished. 99% of the game boils down to making sure you have wiped an area before progressing and not running into an area before taking down all the guys.

  3. Vanberge says:

    Vanlandw I think all your veteran/hardcore/etc gamings have made it easier for you…

    Because there were a couple parts in that game that made me want to break things, and I only played it on hardened.

    I am never going to play a game on hardest difficulty EVER…
    regardless your veteran playthroughs are worth recognition.


  4. Jeffrey says:

    I played this game completely wrong. I did not know that enemies would not respawn so I pushed hard through the entire thing making it significantly more difficult on myself than it needed to be.

  5. vanlandw says:

    MW2 is without question an easier game then COD4 on Veteran. I still died a thousand times so trust me this wasn’t “easy” but without question this game is not on the cheapass level of COD4.

    I chokepoints I had a hard time with were pretty much the same ones you and jja had a problem with. There are a few parts in MW2 that are very similar to how COD4 works.

    As I get older and buy less games and really have less time to play them some games I don’t have a problem playing on normal but part of me enjoys having a challenge. COD4 was one I did not enjoy MW2 was one I did. It’s an expensive hobby and rather then just blowing though a game I don’t mind working harder to be able to extend an experience an hour or two. Added achievements don’t hurt that either. Many of my 360 games I’ve defeated on it’s hardest setting. I need to start a gaming page like JJA did.

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