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Registered: Spectrum Health 2010 Irish Jig

Today for the first time since I believe October I attempted some sort of athletic activity. After having a busy winter and holiday season consisting of driving, loafing, family, friends, work, and video games today felt like the right time to get back out there and at least attempt to be healthy. Somebody told me if you are able to run a mile straight without stopping you are not out of shape and I guess I fit that bill. It was rough but I was able to get though some resemblance of a workout today.

Today i decided to register for the 2010 Spectrum Health Irish Jig. The race is on Saturday, March 20th 2010. Mens race starts at 9am, and the woman’s race starts at 9:35am. Back in 2005 I ran this race after not even coming close to training for it (as a 32:00 time proves) and after failing to do any races in 2009 I wanted to make sure to do at least one this year. The Irish Jig is only a 5k so I should be able to finish without a problem. Here is the .PDF with all the information that I was unable to find posted publicly online but is making the rounds at work. Here is the link to register.

At this time I’m planning on just walking down to the starting line but if anybody wants to run together or meet up personally I think that would be really cool.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    That is way to early to be running

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