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Crackdown – 2007

After finishing the extent of what I’m going to play of Crackdown the game as a whole plays a lot like what I would imagine being on Crack is like.

According to Wikipedia the primary psychological effects of cocaine include euphoria, supreme confidence, increased energy, and a craving for more cocaine.

Look at this explosion.

The game plays much like how I wish Grand Theft Auto games would ‘play’ more like.  In Crackdown you are a super hero police officer who’s only task is to level up, collect orbs, jump around, kill people and take a bite out of crime. You don’t go on dates, you don’t play pool, you don’t have to try to make Little Jacob ‘like’ you so he can sell you guns. In Crackdown you just obliterate waves of evil enemies, take their guns, then scale a 100 story building to jump roof top to rooftop.

I played much of this game coop and sadly I was not the “host” of those games. In return that means any progress made on killing the Generals and Kingpins was lost. My level progress was saved and after reaching level 3 agility co-op going back and killing all the Generals and Kingpins took an afternoon.

Most of my frustration came from almost instant spikes of difficulty and some confusion on mission objectives. Playing co-op I was always trying to play catch up with my partner and in doing so I wasn’t able to fully access my situaion thus I would end up dying quite a bit.  I would need to “Regenerate” at a location many times far away from the objective. An option to spawn in the general area of your co-op partner would have helped.

After a shipping Snafu I ended up getting Crackdown for free but many places have it between $10-$15 dollars. After defeating all the Generals thus ‘beating’ the game and completing a few choice Achievements I got 380g on one play though. I got 380′ish Agility Orbs and 100′ish Hidden Orbs. The package is a good deal. There are a series of weapons I didn’t even bother to try. I never completed any of the rooftop missions or the driving missions and a series of Achievements I didn’t even try to get.

If living in the mundane of GTA4 makes you sluggish take some illegal drugs and play Crackdown. Using jja’s undecium rating sytem I would give Crackdown a 2.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Ugh! I cannot believe you solo’d this game. Now what are we supposed to co-op. :-p. I went ahead and finished the gangsters on my game so next time we played we could beat them on yours. BAH!

  2. vanlandw says:

    If you were ever online I would have known that.

    I had to work late Friday and saw you “beat” it so I figured you were done. It’s all good.

    Pick something else to co-op and I’ll get it.

  3. vanlandw says:

    I kinda am interesting in the RTS Halo Wars to see how they handle co-op. Honestly I’m not sure what else we can co-op to be honest the 360 offerings are dwindling down. Pick something let me know or find me a good deal on something.

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