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Google Buzz – One Step Closer To The Edge

Recently Google thought it was a good idea to migrate social tools directly to users email with a new feature called Google Buzz.

Go beyond status messages

Share updates, photos, videos, and more.
Start conversations about the things you find interesting.

This is absolutely the LAST feature I would want tied to my personal email. Clearly I’m not a “status update” kind of guy. Nobody cares what I’m doing anyway.

I opted out. I made sure I was sharing nothing then on the bottom of your gmail there is a link “turn off buzz”. It took so much work to migrate towards one personal email account years ago. I came close to switching today after Buzz. It bugged me in one day I could have something “social” being tied to my “personal” email. Sadly I believe I can’t “stop” anybody from following me. I fully understand that many google services are tied to your google profile but still this one is a pill I didn’t want to swallow.

I would say this is required reading for anybody using Buzz.

There is already a lot of insanity on the web it’s impossible to catch up, keep track of everything and be apart of every conversation. Right now I’m swimming in Google Reader items as I have been for months.


I’m drowning in web projects I can’t even find the time to start or even clean up abandoned ideas. Google Buzz is just another hopeless distraction I can’t be apart of.

Really I would love to know how everybody deals with this problem I can’t imagine I’m the only one. Honestly it frustrates me and could use any tips, rules, or methods anybody employs.

Update: Looks like things are getting better at least I can block people I don’t want following me. Time to go back and make sure to block everybody.

Update 2: I love this story. Well it’s serious in nature but still it’s the truth. Seriously Buzz is just a nightmare. Buzz assumes that everybody lives these glorious lives where ones entire social circle¬† integrated and loves one another.

Update 3: Yeah just hitting the “turn off buzz” icon is not enough. Quote from Google Help documents

Disabling Buzz

If Buzz isn’t for you, you can turn it off it by clicking the turn off buzz link at the bottom of your Gmail (it’s near the basic HTML link). Please note that this will only remove the Buzz label from your Gmail account.

To completely stop using Google Buzz, you also need to block all followers and delete your Google profile (which will delete all of your posts and connected sites) before clicking the turn off buzz link.


Update 4: New York Times puts everything together here. Hopefully more people read this and hopefully massive changes are done to Buzz. A single click “opt out” would be nice. Also I’m unsure if “blocking all followers” means I lose everybody on Google Reader? I might need to get a hotmail account.

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  1. Mg says:

    If you hadn’t written about this, I never would have realized to ‘turn off Buzz’ and that would have been awful to have on. Google scares me.

  2. Vanberge says:

    I feel you Vanlandw.

    With so much content overload via every possible medium it’s just impossible to keep up.

    Facebook/Twitter/Greader/news in general – then you have to look at video games, movies – and THEN you have to balance that in with a job, a wife/sig other… It’s just insane.

    Our techie culture communicates via social networking and I think that’s going to stay that way. In all honesty, a tool that can pull everything together into one interface would be awesome. I don’t think “Buzz” comes anywhere close to doing that.

    As for your difficulties in keeping up – as bad as this is going to sound: Get a smart phone and read Greader/Twitter/Facebook while you poop. that time is otherwise wasted.



  3. Jeffrey says:

    I left buzz on for a few days to get a sense of it. I’ll have to write up a post on the subject as well. In the mean time, suffice it to say, I shut it the fuck off.

  4. vanlandw says:

    Yeah it’s insane how much is out there trying to get your attention. It’s a losing battle really but that wasn’t my main thought here but sometimes it just happens.

    If I didn’t have to “pay” for a smart phone I would love to have one to be honest if not just for maps. I don’t know how much smart phone plans are but I know people paying $100 for iPhones and that is just not an expense I’m going to do right now. If I didn’t have home internet maybe but I”m not willing to give that up.

    JJA please write a Buzz post. There is a lot of unhappyneses on the web about it. Mostly people are just asking for changes. JJA PLEASE UPDATE YOUR HOMEPAGE.

  5. Cechg says:

    Thank goodness for your update wesg. Had you not informed me, my “Buzz” would still be going.

    Looks like quite a few posts lately to vanlandw.com. Wesley has been active.

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