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Absolute Sun Burn

This weekend I went to Hart, Michigan for the Memorial Day weekend. I’m not going to do a “rundown” of what happened but it ended up being a fantastic weekend. I haven’t swam in over a year so it was nice to get in a heated pool and catch some rays. My skin is so fair I had to make sure not to spend too much time in the sun. I got hit with a slight burn but nothing as drastic as what the gato has. After a fridged shower and a tad of aloe I was fine.

Vanberge posted some photos (found here) and they are good. I grabbed the best photo and posted it on vanlandw.com because it makes me lol.

Just a few notes so I don’t have to write another post about them later. I’ve started watching The Sopranos. As this writing I have one more episode to complete in Season One and so far I’ve enjoyed it more then I thought I would. Personally I’ve never been a huge “mob/mafia” viewer. I’ve never really sat down and watched The Godfather movies but oddly enough Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies ever. I remember a long time ago watching the first episode of The Sopranos and totally not understanding what was going on. I figured it would be this huge mob war type movie but really more of a family drama. If vanberge keeps buying them I’ll keep watching them ;-)

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  1. Jeff says:

    I managed to avoid sun burn this weekend by working on a fucking operations case write up ALL weekend.

  2. bun says:

    first of all, LOL @ vanberge. secondly, FUCK vanbergs. thirdly vanlandw, “the sopranos” gets more and more boring. i stopped watching after season 2.

  3. g0edge says:

    It looks like Vanberge could use a little sunburn…

  4. vanbergs says:

    Fuck you russ, I’ve done nothing to you. I’m sure ‘the sopranos’ remains a consistently bad ass show. I’m sorry it doesn’t have Julia ‘Horse Ninny Gums Fucking Turn Me Into Goddamn Fucking Puppy Chow or Wood Epoxy Because I’m a Piece of Goddamn Lucky Charms Cereal Who Needs to Die by Way of a Spike Hammered Into My Skull’ Roberts. Fuck russ, all he does is bitch.

  5. vanlandw says:

    Jeff….i am sorry you had a “case” to work on. My upcoming weekends are going to suck but the extra money should help finance a few items I wish to purchase.

    Bun. The sopranos has been pretty good. Not much action but slow and an easy watch.

    Goedge…vanberge is hot man ass. Case closed nothing about his apperance should EVER change :-*

    vanbergs: everything you said about russ is 100% true. if anybody needs to pick it up it’s rusty :-(

  6. hellokittn says:

    You’re right, YOU AIN’T GOT NUFFIN’ ON TEH GATO.

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen the Godfather movies, but I remember I loved them. I was a little girl back then and all I wanted to do is grow up to be a mob queen. Some kids get cartoons. I got Al Pacino. No wonder I’m so efft up ;) .

    So, obviously, I will be camping out on your couch, stealing your powerade, and eating all of the food I don’t have the balls to buy on my own ;) .

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