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Lost Odyssey – 2008

Never have I been an overly opinionated person. More times then not I’ll seek out the opinions of others on many decisions and hold that key. I’m also not a person that will push my opinions on someone and more likely then not have a hard time recommending almost anything to anybody. Something I don’t take lightly is recommending either a game, book, movie, restaurant or even a website if I truly don’t believe a person will enjoy it.

I have these thoughts because recently I’ve been playing a game called “Lost Odyssey“.

I don’t think I know a single person I could possibly recommend this game to.

I beat it and put at least 50+ hours into it.

The game is a plays like a traditional JRPG with all the pros and cons that come along with it’s given genre. Bulleted list time.

  • The FMV’s are in beautiful 720p HD.
  • The incessant loading screens are borderline unbearable.
  • The main storyline, the idea of immortality, is truly interesting till the end.
  • Inconsistent boss checkpoints standard/ save point system blows.
  • Voice acting is above standard.
  • For average RPG players grinding will occur to be able to complete the game.
  • A Thousand Years of Dreams sequences are a strong mechanic and have interesting, emotional stories.
  • Battle pace is very slow.
  • For Turn Based Combat there are some interesting twists Final Fantasy old schoolers will appreciate.
  • I hate having children (Cooke/Mack) in my Party (See Palom and Porom).
  • As expected the soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu is fantastic.
  • Having to watch the entire ending sequence plus credits to unlock the final achievement sucks.

This could go on for ages.

I originally got into this game in a  lonely mans hunger of a more traditional RPG experience after playing Mass Effect 1 last April. Only recently have I gotten back into the game after originally losing interest and recently working hard on finishing previously purchased games rather then continually buying new ones.

A few weeks ago I actually attempted to battle the final boss. This includes fighting two bosses  that during many unexpected scripted elements  on top of requiring a large amount of time to work though my first attempt ended when the final form does “Stone” on my entire party and I die. This is very late into the fight and I lost at least over an hour of time including watching cut scenes. One skill I didn’t equip my team was a block to Stone and I lose unable to fight anymore. This is 3am in the morning and I was utterly demoralized. I felt I deserved to win I put in more then enough time into this game and I screwed up one thing and I had to try again. My brain hurt I was furious. And I wanted my 125g.

Yesterday I plotted a plan to tackle Gongora one more time.

Leveled my characters, went to the auction house, learned new skills and equipped the right ones.

Though this frustration I understood why JRPG’s  still attracts me. Even though the combat isn’t as exhilarating as so called “Modern Combat” these games never attempt to give the fake gamey feeling of ‘balance’.  Lost Odyssey absolutely requires you to understand the game mechanics to excel. It’s not trial and error, it’s not the game cheating you. At times things are hard for a reason and mostly it’s your own damn fault.

There has been discussion on the internet (recommended – nobody is going to listen/read ect Part 1 Part 2) of why the popularity of JPRG’s has diminished. Honestly I feel the same way to a degree mostly saddled by my memories of previous titles I’ve enjoyed a lot more then recent offerings. Also I don’t know a single person I would even come close to recommended a JRPG to anymore where as in High School I had a series of friends that shared a similar zest for this type of entertainment. Tastes change I see mostly around time constraints and that is understandable.

It’s sad to a degree. Recently I’ve been playing in small doses for over six months Final Fantasy XII and it’s very well put together. Action oriented and built for smaller one hour dose play times. I would love to see people play it and be able to discuss it but knowing so many people turned off after Final Fantasy X I don’t blame them.

Thankfully nobody was around last night when I beat the game. Seriously I did a David Draiman fist pump and overall my mood is lightened.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    This is a pretty epic post vanlandw…
    Well written.

    I have never heard of this game until you played it but it sounds like I probably would despise it. :-D

    GG on defeating it though. You are a good man and I love you.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    You are just on an out of control posting streak lately. I am going to have to add your feed back to my google reader account. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue long into the future, and gone are the days of 1-2 posts per quarter.

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