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Those damned Chinese – 24 Finale Post

I’m sure a small amount of people have been checking this space to see how I feel about 24 Season 5. The 24 party at my home went as expected. Early in the day went to the driving range (hopefully a video ala “heroics” is in the future). At night I ate a lot of food drank some “Stones” and chilled out. The attendence was quite small but overall nice. Everybody had a confortable seat and who did show up was a fun bunch.

Now that all the hoopla has died down I feel AOK about posting my thoughts. After letting all the information sink in I’ve come to some conclusions. Season 5 was quite simlar to season 4. With Jack’s character in season 4 he was orginally fueled protecting those who he cared about ala season one. After the first six episodes he was pretty much “caught in a moment/middle” just doing his heroic duties.

Season 5 he was a different animal. Revenge and Retribution abit not coveyed much though episodes 3-22 was the backbone of motivation. To a degree he avenged the deaths of Tony, Michelle, Edgar, Palmer and innocents by almost entirelly thwarting terrorist attacks and murdering or incriminating a good percentage of those behind their demises. Sadly for Jack Bauer it once again comes at the expence of his humanity and happyness.

Overall I think I set season 5 above season 4 but I really do need to rewatch both at some junction. Season 5 pretty much delivered as being entertaning and a good extension of the story but season 5 failed on giving me what I was hoping the show would give. TV drama’s these days have this great way filming a finale giving the viewer a small glimpse of what COULD happen in the next season and not delivering in the least. Lost and Prison Break are a prime examples of this theory. After season 4 (to a degree the season 5 prequel) who didn’t have all these great ideas of new avenues the show could take. Jack Bauer is in exile WTF is going to happen? The same could be said about season 5. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing 24 leave LA, have no terrorist plots, all the while CTU is a thousand miles away. All the while Jack Bauer is in China risking life and making new relationships in another country.

Sadly there is no way the show is going to deliever that. Also almost any fan can see that is not going to happen. Thus giving the viewer that impression is self-defeating. I’m sure next season we will see a slight tweak to Jack’s character and sadly I’m sure there will be another terrorist plot and more CTU bullshit. OK i just had to get that off my chest…..

Ok this post is getting way to negative. The finale was exciting and hilarious all at the same time. The opening action was kickass. Henderson getting owned/murdered was fantastic. Aaron Pierce NOT dying was nice change of pace. Jack showing that weathered psycho side and finally getting the best of Logan was again cool. Logan “completing” with his wife in a minute. Logan going “juggernaut” on his wife was a huge LOL moment as well. The Chinese FINALLY playing a factor was nice along with the IDEA of Jack being captured was well played.

Will I be watching next year…of course. Even with faults there isn’t another show on TV like 24. It’s a fun show. I laugh when watching it. Jack Bauer is without question the uber male and still the most compelling character on TV. One hour a week I have a good time and I can always expect my AIM to be flooded with yelling faces and people wanting to talk about the show. IMHO season six NEEDS to go in another direction. Maybe if CTU comes back they can have a “mobile” unit headed by Curtis, Chole and Buchannon. Maybe the terrorist plot can be smaller in scope. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Oh well my readers can thank my absolute bordom at work for all this scribing.

Also bauercount at this point thought season 5 is a completed work of art. All the videos are updated. All the mistakes SHOULD be fixed. I may even help vanberge complete gamgeecount if I can get around to it.

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  1. bunhof says:

    it has been so long since i’ve seen the other seasons that i feel like i’m falling behind. fortunately even though 24 is self-referential, they don’t rely too much on previous seasons. i think i enjoyed season 5 more than season 4, but again, i want to see more of his personal life. not his personal life in jeopardy, but how his personal life affects his decisions at work. i’m hoping season 6 will deliver, since audrey remains alive, etc.

  2. Jeff says:

    Audrey needs to die ASAP. I am hoping they dump her in the first episode of season 6 like they did “Kate” (was there her name?) in season 3.

  3. Trev says:

    24 is the best show on TV. I was wonder when the Chineese would catch up to Bauer (it was inevitable). Anyways, your kill count site is awesome (I mentioned it on my blog when i posted about the finale; I hope you don’t mind)

  4. Beefy K says:

    I am NOT convinced Henderson is dead. It was all a bit too quick, too staged for me. I think that Jack fired into the air, Henderson acted dead, the witness saw it happen, and then Henderson disappeared. Just as Jack promised.

  5. Jeff says:

    People did not believe Tony was dead either, but he is.

  6. vanlandw says:

    “Henderson realizes he’s been had, and he removes the empty clip from his gun. Jack accuses him of killing his friends Palmer, Tony and Michelle. Then he shoots Henderson dead. Rooney comes out and is frightened when he sees what Jack has done.”

    That is from the offical website episode guides. Also later in the episode they show a picture of a bullet hole in his head. I believe..but I’m pretty positive he is dead.

    Jack also said he had to kill henderson because he shot at him….it could be a ruse but I highly doubt it.

    IMHO of course

  7. Jeff says:

    Henderson was pretty much a retarded character anyway, so he won’t be missed.

  8. Gabe says:

    “Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing 24 leave LA, have no terrorist plots, all the while CTU is a thousand miles away. All the while Jack Bauer is in China risking life and making new relationships in another country.”

    I had the same exact thought. It’s never going to happen, but what if the next season took place in China and didn’t involve CTU and Los Angeles?

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