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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) : Veteran Complete Follow Up

As noted in my previous post about COD4 I played the game my first time around on the Veteran difficulty setting on the 360. Below is irrefutable proof that I did conquer the game on it’s hardest setting.

On Google Reader I commented to a friend thinking about replaying the game on veteran the following…

if you cherish your sanity don’t even attempt playing that game on Veteran on the 360. You have to be able to predict the future have uncanny reactionary time and be able to perfectly wield the 360 controller to be able to survive. If I could I would record the choke point I’m on now seriously you have to play perfectly to advance it’s awful.

I might not be the worlds best game player but I have been around the block a few times with hard games. I’ve defeated Ninja Gaiden, God of War 1/2 on it’s hardest difficultly and the list goes on. Not that Half-Life 1 is “hard” but I don’t think I know another person that has beat it due to it’s confusing lack of  direction.

I’ve done it twice.

Hell I grew up in the Contra Era. As a freshman in college I remember me and vanberge sitting for an epic co-op session defeating Contra five times in a row. For ages me and vanbergs would play Contra: Shattered Soldier and that game requires a pure learning process of enemy patterns and deciplne I’ve never seen in another game for two players to progress. Oddly enough that game only made it feel like your own fault for pershing.

Call of Duty 4 is just another beast all together.

This is the only game where I  watched videos online of people beating the levels to find a plausible strategy to beat choke points. The two hardest areas are both timed and I believe will continually throw enemies at you. The game requires you to learn where enemies are placed (sometimes) and also be able to continue quickly.

“You will not survive” is correct.

Watch this video.

This is the final checkpoint of the mission “Heat“. This checkpoint took me FOREVER to beat. The guys can kill you almost instantly and you have to be very quick using the air strikes and forward progression. A few AI exploits and a little luck and I was able to get past this after countless attempts.

Watch this video.

This is a middle checkpoint for the mission “No Fighting in the War Room“. The first flashbang I was able to throw flawlessly. If you don’t do this part fast there will be two guys instead of the first guy to the right. In this level there is at the least two parts where guys are cross firing so it’s almost impossible to get past a section. The next video will display this better. Let me make a picture of this.

As you can see the red dots are bad guys. The green dot is “Soap“. As modern as warfare has become Infinity Ward twice on this level has designed guys to pretty much cross fire upon one another in attempts to kill you. These points the guys are pretty much standing there waiting for you to come around the corner and kill you instantly and friendly firing upon one another.


Watch this video.

There is an “epilogue” mission called “Mile High Club“. I tried this mission haphazardly multiple times and was only able to get to the stairs. Watching this video you have to be an amazing shot and have a little bit of luck to complete. There might be a possiblility I’ll keep trying to beat it but really it’s so freaking hard. Your flashbangs have to be perfect and your shot just as much on veteran.

As much as I wanted this post to be the “end all” of Call of Duty 4 really it’s not. I haven’t defeated all the challenges and I’m not an “expert” at the game by any means. This all started as a quest to understand why these games are so popular. I do have more of an understanding and honestly I did find some enjoyment in COD4. Beating this game on Veteran is one of my highest gaming achievements but not even close to what I would say was an”enjoyable” experience…and it’s entirely my own fault. What in the world was I thinking playing this game right off the bat on it’s hardest difficulty (hint ‘G’)? This was the first game I’ve ever done that with.

As a “van” I’m a stubborn SOB. I had to beat this game but really I didn’t “want” to.

Thinking about maybe that is testament to the game?

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  1. Vanberge says:

    This is a pretty impressive accomplishment. GG vanlandw.

    the 30-40G you can get for every mission beaten on veteran is definitely enough to make me consider trying it for every CoD game that I play.

    Usually I elect for a not-quite-so-impossible “Hardened” – that still gives you the big 90 or 100 point achievement for completing the game on Hardened/Veteran.

    Maybe with a mouse and KB as you mentioned in your post but with an xbox controller; and being a “reverse mouse” guy, these kinds of games on expert level difficulties are nothing more than raised blood pressure for me. Well, I guess broken things in my house too.

  2. Vo says:

    Despite my general lack of sanity already, I feel I have to play this game on veteran, as the previous completion I have on this game is hardened on my non-live gamertag. This is incredible unacceptable that I have lost G due to my own ridiculousness. Only veteran will be acceptable from this point on. Besides, I suck enough at games that I constantly die on regular. The increased amount of death that awaits me in veteran will not anger me any more.

  3. vanlandw says:

    Vanberge – Thank you vanberge I appreciate the kind words. Yeah really the only reason I played this on veteran was for the “G”. The COD games really make you work for it. Also I saw that Elliot beat it on Veteran so I figured I would give it a shot. I played World at War on Hardened and it wasn’t THAT bad. Yeah I would die but I could make steady progress. COD4 is really just brutal.

    Honestly right now I’m glad I live alone and my neighbors must think I’m insane. I might have broken a few teeth due to frustration on this game. The difficulty on this game is so odd. Some parts are really easy. The last mission took me two tries. Also the game must have been designed mouse/keyboard in mind. I’m not sure if MW2 is any different (I would be certain that game was designed 360 in mind due to monetary potential (map packs)) but COD4 is rough on aiming sometimes.

    Vo – Please hold tight any remaining sanity you have for something important…like Final Fantasy X. Clearly you PROMISED me you would beat that game if I let you borrow it so you must hold up your end of the bargain :-)

    Some of the problems with this game was mostly my own shortcomings. I’m MUCH better at games these days where I can play around with the combat rather then do what I have to do or be reliant on reactionary reflexes. When I play games I like to look around and try to find broken stuff or go off the “course” so to speak. COD4 really just wants you to do one thing and Veteran doesn’t afford the luxury of screwing around. You might have better luck then I did to be honest online I wasn’t able to find too many posts about people complaining about how hard this game was.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I don’t really have anything to add to this discussion. However, I have started MW2 on veteran, and I have to say it is just wretched. The developers of that game should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    I just finished Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran. I do not recommend it. I’ll be posting about it within the next couple of days.

  6. vanlandw says:

    GD it if you were able to beat MW2 on Veteran I might have to do it too. UGH

    Please for the love of god post about it I cannot wait.

    My next gaming blog will prob be either about Lost Odyssey or Braid.

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  8. brian says:

    My computer is only fast enough to run the special weapons and tactics games 3 and 4 > I have completed all call of duty 1 , 2 and modern warefare on veteran levels > I agree it’s hard but sometimesi it depends on what mousepad is used as the plastic ones are heaps better and can get specially built gaming keyboards and the mouse as well by Logitech > getting comfortable with a good office chair helps but what I find has been the best tactics on most games is when on multiple attempts it’s best to turn off the computer and come back to play another day

  9. brian says:

    Completing the lower difficulty levels like regular on modern warfare and hardened levels at least 2 times

  10. brian says:

    It then makes it easier to play levels on extremely hard ~ anyway gotta go

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