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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

Playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare gives me a feeling that I loath having in real life.


The game is so grossly overscripted and pressure the player to act along with how the designers want the game to be played.

I’m pressured to continue moving forward. I’m pressured to not play how I want to.

Sadly I believe many people enjoy this type of gaming.  The feeling the designer wants the player to have is that of fear and the overbearing burden of “Modern Warfare” but as a game it just feels cheap. Your character is constantly pushed towards the “next checkoint”.

Go here do this and do it this way.

On veteran difficulty these feelings are amplified to an un-recommendable state. There are choke points where fleets of enemies will CONTINIOUSLY keep going to hiding spots and be able to kill you practically instantly.  For max enjoyablilty I would highly suggest normal difficulty where it plays more like Halo because using a controler has alot more room for error over a mouse and keyboard. CoD4 on Veteran has NO room for error. None…

There are highspots and even the constrictions of the experience do bring out. Noted here by Mitch Krpata the the sequence helming the AC-130 in Modern Warfare really is indistinguishable from documentary footage of the same gunship. Behind the rifle shooting does feel responsive and quick. With the game engine attempting to hit 60fps, action  is fluid and but sadly at a cost at sub HD graphics at 600p. There are other plusses but in the matter of keeping things short I have to agree with they.misled.us the game is “Average for medium”.

If I had the power to influence…

  • Migrate away from nameless/faceless player avatars that can aim and fire. The scripted deaths would be much more powerful if the player had a larger connection the playable solider and their deaths would hold more weight.
  • Allow the game to properly slowdown. The game does this once (All Ghillied Up mission with Captain MacMillan) well but sadly is a follow the leader sequence and the pace is again frantic. Stress is good and all but that doesn’t feel “Modern” at all it feels like WW2.
  • Rouge sections. Lone Wolf. Lack of supplies. As a character the world is littered with weapons and being able to regen health honestly doesn’t make any sense.
  • I could go on for years

The sequel made sales of $550 milion dollars with five days. People enjoy these types of games. For me Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  feels like having your hand held though a shit storm.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    You are getting way too much like fulljeff…. :-P

  2. vanlandw says:

    If COD4 had CO-OP everything would be forgiven. lol

    This post was CLEARLY inspired by jja’s writing style and by alot of gaming blogs I read and sometimes share out on google reader. Mostly it was a overly critical look at the game.

    Really I’m being overly critical and it’s fun to write that way sometimes :-)

    Also doing my first playthough on the hardest setting is entirely my own fault lol.

    Aside from my FFX post this might be my second favorite post I’ve ever written.

  3. Vanberge says:

    More or less they need to make a Rambo FPS with elements of both MW and MGS.


  4. Jeffrey says:

    This is clearly an excellent post. Ranting about video games makes for a more enjoy experience to write, and to read when compared to a regular, dry review.

    Keep up the good work. I would like to see another 14 posts this weekend.

  5. vanlandw says:

    writing about what you don’t like is 1) more fun 2) proves how dedicated I am to the medium

    did you ever play the NES “Rambo” game vanberge?


  6. Vanberge says:

    I did… that game was rancid.

    It needs a reboot.

    Also plz fix your site. When I hit tab from name -> Email -> website in the comment form it always kicks me up to your search bar!


  7. Vanberge says:

    I love you vanlandw.

    I can’t wait for our kicker matchup

  8. vanbergs says:

    I must say I understand your criticisms and complaints about the CoD:MW franchise, vanlandw, but I think playing it on the hardest difficulty setting right out of the gate probably ruined the experience for you.

    If you played it on normal, or even hardened, you would have played through a campaign that is short-lived, but very satisfying. Granted, the story is borderline nonsensical when you ultimately reconsider the events in your own mind, and in a game with such catastrophic missions and events, you’d expect the narrative to help supply some emotional weight. But the masses have spoken, and the majority of players are willing to pay top dollar for a 6 hour campaign, as long as it has kickass multiplayer to make it last past a rental.

    The hand-holding nature of the new breed of shooters is something that won’t go away. And to be honest, Call of Duty isn’t even close to being the worst offender of guiding players to the right path. Look at the Gears of War franchise. They actually include push-button hints on how to defeat bosses, while you’re in the middle of fighting them. And general combat, forget about it. Run to area with cover, get ambushed by enemies, take cover, dispatch enemies, and repeat. That’s the entire game. But as with Call of Duty, the action/gameplay is so well-done, the repetitive gameplay tends to become a strength. Back to narratives for a second…Gears has an even more shattered storyline than CoD. But, like CoD, I looked the other way because, in the thick of the game itself, it’s a blast to play it.

    Games like Bioshock and Fallout 3 manage to strike that perfect balance of freedom, exploration, and diversity to bring a much more complete package to the table, especially when narrative is used to tie all the mechanics together. But sometimes it’s just easier and more fun to throw in a game that you can beat in one or two sittings for a fun bit of escapism.

    We should beat Gears of War on hardcore, I’ll be Dom brb.

  9. vanlandw says:

    Oh yeah I 100% agree playing on Veteran was a bad idea. On a mouse/keyboard I bet it wouldn’t be that hard but the 360 controler has way to much room for error. You could be the best COD4 player on the world and your going to die alot on Veteran on the 360. As you know tho I have no problems with hard games and honestly perfer them to walks in the park. I believe I’m on a mission now that I cannot beat on Veteran (one where you can use air strikes to get though a farm or something) and might just stop playing it but there is a small chance I’ll change the game down to hardened.

    Clearly what I wrote was a strongly weighted rant. Read any of jjafuller’s game/movie reviews on his site this post was pretty much inspired by that. I actually had more fun writing this post then I did playing COD. This post and my FFX post were just a blast to write and I think it was playing a game that I was divided on gave me a lot to think about and that is a good thing. I couldn’t imagine writing about something and just gushing over it.

    Mostly I just needed to play the game to see what everybody sees in it. EVERYBODY plays and loves these games. Hell almost revere these games as the second coming of christ and I needed to find out why. Since MW2 has came out 95% of the time on my friends list somebody is playing it. I actually do like the COD games the first two were great and I almost bout the COD Classic on the XB and I did have fun co-op’ing World at War awhile back. If COD4 had co-op I promise you this post wouldn’t have existed.

    Aside from a few games my favorite games recently have been co-op games like Halo Borderlands L4D and the single player of COD can’t come c;lose to the fun I’ve had recently with those games. The games I’ve played from December 2008-December 2009 (I really should write a post on this and include Bioshock and Fallout 3 to completion) have been so good.

    Clearly I could write forever about this but to be honest I agree with everything you said vanbergs. Hopefully I’ll be able to write most but for now this is what you get lol


  10. vanlandw says:

    I forgot yeah If you want to play Gears of War 1 let me know anytime I would be up for another run it’s actually not a very long game. I still need to pick up 2 but if you want to play that I’ll get it after my vacation in January.

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