Ef You Treyarch...

gaming vanlandw hits 10,000

Well 10,055 to be exact.

My first 360 Achievement gained back in Feb 2009. Actually this achievement if I remember correctly was earned for me by enfuego.  This was when I first setup my 360 when all I owned was Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Foo Panda.

Last night after another epic co-op session with jjafuller I earned this achievement in Borderlands. While traversing the wastelands I should have wrote a post about the game but in google reader I shared and posted enough thoughts on this for anybody that cares. This is maybe the first game that I have played that I highly enjoyed but really wouldn’t safely be able to  recommend to anybody I know who doesn’t already have it. For peak enjoyment it requires friends to play with and not everybody is lucky enough to have two other  people to complete an entire play though with like I did. The thing is anybody reading this will have at least one because if you ask me I would play this game anytime so consider yourself lucky.

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