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For eight days I drove 402 miles. In eight days I filled up my gas tank twice for the grand total of $83 dollars. For the first time ever my car got that much mileage one one tank. Personally it was quite the accomplishment for me. On average I was getting 325-350 on a tank. Most of my driving was city driving. Recently with new crummy drive to work everyday I’m driving about 30 miles a day more then half being highway. I also drove to Fowlerville and back and that is about 200 miles on the highway.

I have been thinking about keeping track of the amount of money I spend on gas and the type of mileage I get. Honestly it would be just a depressing endevour. I hardly make any money and the amount of money I spend of gas is a good percentage of what I earn.

This is a pretty stupid post other then to to remember this moment. I’m sure my horrid car will never perform this well again.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Clearly this post does not mean anything to me. I just wait until the gas light comes on, then proceed to rob a bank in order to refill the tank. It has been working so far.

  2. Jeff says:

    In response to your addendum on the post, I tried to keep track of how much gas was costing me back when I started at GVSU. Then, it became so depressing that I burned the notebook.

  3. adam says:

    I think it would take me 8 weeks to drive that many miles. Probably more.

  4. Jeff says:

    I could probably do it in half that.

  5. g0edge says:

    Unless you’re going to start walking or biking or hitchhiking to work, there is absolutley no reason at all to keep track of how much you spend on gas. You would only want to kick yourself in the face or start siphoning gas from Flo’s car. Either way…

  6. vanlandw says:

    Spending a videogame a week on gas is pretty frustrating. I’m cut out quite a bit out of my budget recently and I’ve been saving a lot but just existing as an independent person is quite expensive. A decent percentage of my funds goes into being able to drive to work and back.

  7. Kramer says:

    Why would anyone go to Fowlerville, other than the big ass truck stop.

  8. g0edge says:

    Seriously, write a new post.

  9. Beefy K says:

    I am NOT convinced Henderson is dead. It was all a bit too quick, too staged for me. I think that Jack fired into the air, Henderson acted dead, the witness saw it happen, and then Henderson disappeared. Just as Jack promised.

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