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24 Finale Party – May 22, 2006

As everybody knows it seems like a semi-tradition that everybody gathers at my home and views the 24 finale. Again I’m inviting anybody who wishes to view to come to my home and partake. This year I do NOT have to work the day off so I will be free to eat drink and be merry the ENTIRE day of Monday. My rough plan is to go golfing in the early part of the day, then at about 4-5pm either grill or just order pizza. Mostly it depends on the turnout. I’m hoping to have a pretty nice gathering.

Again….everybody is invited. BYOB but depending on who’s coming I may spring for some burgers and hot dogs. jjafuller…i will pay for your gas. enfuego your switching to get the night off. If anybody needs my new address e-mail me or call. Also post any questions or comments….in the comments.

I also found the jack pack on amazon. I’m debating buying it. After tax and shipping it comes out to a shade under $30 bucks. Yay or nay?

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  1. Jeff says:

    Pizza, and rent that TV. :razz:

  2. vanlandw says:

    I’m not buying pizza for everybody. I have some money but not that much. Do the research on how much that TV costs and I’ll seriously debate doing it.

  3. Jeff says:

    Clearly, you get a discount when you order that much pizza. :razz:

    Also, as a business student, I no longer know how to do research.

  4. Jeff says:

    Oh yeah, I still think you should find the mana purse from last year over that one.

  5. Vo says:

    buy it wes. I may show up for the finale even though i have no idea what’s going on.

  6. vanbergs says:

    I will obviously be here for the 24 party. Also, don’t buy a fucking man purse vanlandw. Jack Bauer has it for weapons and tech gear. You would put your little wallet insert in there, your wooden shoes, and even little windmill trinkets that you whittle. The only reason I hate man-purses is because every single preppy asshole I’ve ever seen has the exact same one. Don’t get that, buy a videogame instead.

  7. hellokittn says:

    Nice sack :-P .

    Will you be paying for my gas to get there too? It’s so faaaar ya know ;-) .

  8. g0edge says:


  9. vanlandw says:

    I think I’m going to cave tonight and buy the mansack. I think it’s pretty cool but if somebody wants to do the research for the season 4 bag send it along.

    Vo…FYI the two jobs that were posted have been filled by losers. Sorry….but you should stop by and watch 24 with me.

    Is anybody coming other then vanbergs? I guess if people wanted pizza we could pool some money together? I’m open to anything I just want to drink stones and watch the world be saved….

  10. Jeff says:

    I am still undecided. If you rent that 50″ tv I will come :wink:

  11. vanlandw says:

    as i said above if you do the research and find out how much it costs i may jja

    you should come…we should go to the driving range in the morning…then watch 24 at night…we are pals :-[

  12. Kramer says:

    I will come if you pay for my gas.

  13. vanlandw says:

    lmao i almost would..what would that be….200 300 dollars?

  14. g0edge says:

    Kramer, that was the funniest comment ever.
    Wes, maybe I can perform some covert ops and steal my brother’s TV for 24…if you buy me some pizza. lol?

  15. Kramer says:

    Its only about $150 or so. I’ll have to leave by Saturday though.

  16. Nagbor says:

    What happend to the Kill where Jack kills a hostile and cuts his head off a puts it in a bowling bag or something
    and shows it to some other hostile to prove he’s not working with CTU …………..

  17. vanlandw says:


    Kill one…..Marshell Goren

    Watch the video and you can confirm that is the character from the first episode that gets shot in the heart.

  18. g0edge says:


  19. Jeff says:

    Nope. You should carefully weigh the perceived value of the item against he value of the money. As a corporate monkey, you should be aware for how to compute “cost-benefit-analysis.”

  20. Jeff says:

    …be aware OF how to…

  21. g0edge says:


  22. bun says:

    ah hahaha i love vanbergs so much. and yes, i’m sure wesley has wooden splinters in his little dutch feet :P

  23. vanlandw says:


    you are a noob…..you should bring back the halo…also you shouldn’t made blog posts on “myspace”

    i don’t own wooden shoes…you are bunhof….

    and goedge yes next time I get a chance to sit at my mac I’ll purchase the bag and obtain a “FRIVOLITIES”

  24. g0edge says:

    Make Jack Bauer proud, bro. That’s all I’m saying.

  25. vanberge says:

    Everyone -

    dont even bother going to this party… I won’t be able to make it. so realistically, i don’t see ‘teh point’ of having it.


  26. vanlandw says:

    nobody is going to show up i already know this vanberge

    edit: russ said he is coming…best party ever :-*

  27. bun says:

    yes i will be attending with my friend jon oosting. clearly it will be an EPIC event :-*

  28. Enfuego says:

    Sadly I will not be able to attend as I will be at work. I was unable to swtch and can’t use any time off. I am pissed beyond belief, I hope Jack will hear my pleas to destroy Spectrum.

  29. Love the Bauercount, vanlandw. As for the Jack Pack (or, as I prefer, the Jack Sack), I say “Go for it!” I bought one for myself, and I dig it.

  30. vanlandw says:

    Enfeugo..it’s AOK man I understand. Download the eps and make sure to catch up. It was pretty fantastic IMHO. Drama action and halarity. jjafuller made a great post with all the highlights of episode 23-24. And of course bauercount is updated with good clips as well.

    I would love to find the season 4 pack. Black is way more my style but I can’t find any info. Maybe if ny next paycheck is nice I will pick it up regardless. $30 isn’t a lot of money for something I’m pretty sure I would use.

    In closing the 24 party was a raging success. Not many in numbers in comparison to season 3 and 4 finale parties but for the ones in attendence it was a good time. Rusty came with a few of his amgios and I’m sure they think I’m insane but they were 24 fans and we drank beer so it was cool

    el full took some pictures as well….I should have just made a post out of this but oh well


    all in all good season fun finale i’m vanlandw

  31. [...] I’m sure a small amount of people have been checking this space to see how I feel about 24 Season 5. The 24 party at my home went as expected. Early in the day went to the driving range (hopefully a video ala “heroics” is in the future). At night I ate a lot of food drank some “Stones” and chilled out. The attendence was quite small but overall nice. Everybody had a confortable seat and who did show up was a fun bunch. [...]

  32. [...] Since starting the site I’ve gotten at the least over a hundred e-mails. Mostly corrections and discrepancies but I’ve gotten a few legimiate fan mails. When I get around to it I was debating putting up a page with some of the better e-mails i’ve gotten. It’s pretty cool something I put a hand in making is making the rounds around the globe. BTW I also purchased the offical “Jack Sack”. According to TV guide the bag I mentioned earler was incorrect. Love or flame me in the comments. [...]

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