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Please Don’t Ask Me What Happened to “Flick It”

There might not be anybody cooler then me on the planet. Apparently the Chinese designers thought it was a good idea to remove “flick it” in place of “SAY IT!” Still just an amazing game. Picked mine up at Target for $17.99

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  1. vanlandw says:

    Who’s homepage is more up to date!??!?

    Yeah that’s right take your “…” AND STUFF IT



  2. Jeffrey says:

    Apparently you just brb’d yourself on your own blog.

    And, your site is only more recently updated for the moment. I have been slaughtering you in posts lately, a trend that will continue. :razz:

  3. vanbergs says:

    just waiting for vanberge to break into your place, grab bop it, and swing it downward with crushing force, vaporizing the plastic game into an airborne chinese-made lung cancer.

  4. Vanberge says:

    lol vanbergs.

    That was a really funny time in life.

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