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Monday Morning LOL

This morning I was checking some of my health insurance information. Apparently for a “self” pay MALE single insurance member I have the following coverage.

Interesting. If they ever make a male “pill” Priorityhas me covered!


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  1. Jeff says:

    There are many forms of male contraception: styrene maleic anhydride, vas-occlusive, adjudin, depo-provera, phenoxybenzamine, and silodosin.

  2. Cech says:

    I was listening to my ipod the other day and what song came on? “Wanna be a DAVID.” I still also somehow have “Dumb Cech MP3′s (aka Primitive Radio Gods).” Apparently they have survived the transition through 4 different computers over the years.

  3. vanlandw says:

    send those mp3′s to me asap


    i still have “drunk cechg” somewhere thank the lord

  4. Cechg says:

    I’ll send them next time I am on my home computer and remember.

    I just got my xbox Live hooked back up. Gaming Vanlandw and I should play a game one of these days. Do you have the new Madden?

  5. vanlandw says:

    Dear Cechg,

    Sadly I do not have Madden 10 but I do have ODST. Let me know if your going to be on XBL Friday I should be home after work all night with nothing to do other then gaming. Tonight I sadly cannot play but I could play Friday after work and Saturday most of the day as well.

    What other games do you have I would get something I wouldn’t normally get if I new I could play online. I won’t buy Madden tho


  6. Cechg says:

    I have ODST as well. I actually let my live account lasp for about 6 months, but renewed it for the “Halo” action. Vanberge friended me on xbox live as well. Does he also have ODST? We could get a “firefight” going.

    This evening I will be spending time with my “Katieg” but hope to have time soon for a game. I will drop you a message.

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