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PS3 3.00 Firmware is Just as Bad if Not Worse then NXE

This morning I upgraded my PS3 firmware to the most recent version 3.00. One of the best features of the PS3 was it’s lack of advertising. With the NXE Microsoft decided to bombard you with adverts on every turn on a console that you purchased. With PS3 3.00 sadly Sony decided to go the same route.

For me the thing that I’ve always liked about game consoles was that it wasn’t television. I could turn on a video game console and get away from everything that bothers me. Now with next gen consoles with both NXE and now PS3 3.00 you are CONSTANTLY hit with advertising. It’s WORSE then television. You cannot use your dashboard without being hit up to spend more money. It’s appalling there is no opt out either.

On previous PS3 firmware there was only one link to the Playstation Store and when you selected the icon it had no advertisiung and it was located under the “Playstation Network” selection so I could 100% ignore it if i wanted to. Personally this was a huge bragging rights I could express to non-ps3 owners. Keep in mind on the 360 I have 15 “friends” and 0 ps3 “friends”.

On PS3 3.00 now they added a “Information Bar” that cannot be opt out that constantly rotates ads for the Playstation Store. Also they added Playstation Network icons under the “Games” selection and the “Video” selection right above where you would choose your movie or your game disk. Also now hovering over those icons shows ads for movies you can buy or games you can buy.

To me this is just unexceptional. If I could hide the icons I wouldn’t have a problem. If I could turn off the constant ads in the top right I would. This console cost me $500 the last thing I should have to deal with is constant ads just to get to content I already own. This blog is going to be posted on the playstation blog on the slight hopes that others dont’ want to deal with this. Regardless I’ve turned on the setting to auto play (a setting I actually don’t like) on the hopes of seeing less advertising on MY console.

Sony please don’t rip off Microsoft in this regard. Make your advertising optional because I can tell you I’m not going to give you a dime if you continue throwing advertising in my face.For some folks this might be acceptable but for me to I find it highly disappointing. When two of your first four features are rotating advertising and shortcuts to advertising I think you have a problem.

Watch the video below to watch some guy pump these new “features”.

Sorry for the rant

Update 1: I posted my comment after publishing this post on the official playstation blog and now it’s currently “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” right now. My comment should be #1158 and I will check later to see if they publishing it. Personally I”m betting they won’t. It’s nice to see many other people commenting about their dislike for this update. The Xross Media Bar was one of my favorite things about the PS3 now I just dread it because of unavoidable advertising.

Update 2: Sony decided not to post my comment linking to this post along with a calm and critical evaluation of the firmware upgrade. Utterly not shocking but still disappointing considering all the strong negative feedback they have received.Again not shockingly they closed the comments at over 1,500 strong with the following at the end…

Chris Morell replied on September 1, 2009 at 11:49 am
Sorry, but we’ve closed comments on this post for now. Thanks for all of the great feedback on this firmware update! Feel free to continue the discussion over on the forums: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/search?submitted=true&q=firmware+3.00

Very interesting maybe they will release 3.01 that will fix what everybody is complaining about but I doubt it.

Update 3: If I could take PS3 screen shots I would love to show how this informative “bar” has slaughtered my theme and made my current wallpaper unusable. Forgot to note this.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I am going to call Sony and ask them how to disable the ads.

  2. vanlandw says:

    Please do I would do anything to disable the constant scrolling advert on the top of the screen and remove the redundant store icons. Some people might be fine with this nuisance but it’s enough for me to not recommend the console anymore even if it’s just for people wanting blu-ray. Keep in mind I feel just the same way about the NXE and really I wouldn’t recommend the 360 to anybody either. It’s sad the Wii is the only console that comes with no advertising and the channels are 100% removable.

    I fully love video games the only reason I have these consoles is out of addiction. The increase of things I don’t like clinches there is no way the next console round me spending as much money as I have this time. So many disappointments….

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