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Heroics 2 – A “Guitar Hero” Music Video

Perfect timing. Friday morning while your at work or before doing fun activites on the weekend vanbergs and vanlandw.com bring you priceless video content on the WWW.

The long awaited sequel to “Heroics” has finally arrived. After hours of slaving away infront of an underpowered imac vanbergs has edited together maybe the best 6:13 of video footage ever created.

After running into every possible complication I was able to encode the video and get it onto the WWW. jjafuller turned me onto ffmpegx and the videos turned out MUCH better. Also sorry goedge but you are in the video.

OK no more sugar coating. Here are the links to the videos. There is a ipod video version. The sound should be in stereo and better video quality and smaller file size. Enfuego tested it but post any issues in teh comments because I didn’t test it directly. Also the youtube link (prefered) is up and running.

Link: iPod Video – Heroics 2 (right click save as upload blah)

Link: Youtube – Heroics 2 – A “Guitar Hero” Music Video

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24 Responses

  1. vanberge says:

    Truly lol.

    i dont know if i like the use of ‘stills’… but, that is pretty damn good.

  2. vanberge says:

    The ipod version still seems to have the sound wierdness… like one layer comes out of one side, and one layer comes out the other. it doesnt sound bad though.

    I have rewatched both videos, and i believe that i enjoy vanbergs’ first video more.

  3. bun says:

    i enjoy the second one way better, haha. i liked the limited uses of special effects in this- the cuts out of the music are better imho as well. “gg” to vanbergs on this one. also, CLEARLY my guns are the orange button.

  4. hw says:

    this video is teh best. the camera even adds about 20lbs to russellteee’s being.

  5. Edge says:

    There are no words.

  6. Kramer says:

    Epic, simple epic.

    Although unlike bun, I thought there was a little too much special effects in it.

    However, since I am in this movie, it is better than the first one.

    GG to everyone involved.

  7. Kramer says:

    That should have said, simply epic.

  8. bun says:

    after watching it again, kramer may be right. there are actually a lot of special effects in the second one as well :(

  9. Jeff says:

    You need to fix your .htaccess file so that browsers don’t think that this is a fucking text file. :razz:

  10. Jeff says:

    vanbergs should not be allowed to use “effects” in the next video.

  11. vanlandw says:

    Yeah the second one is 10 times better IMHO. I’m glad the video makes russellteee fat. I’m also glad vanberge’s man muff is in it. The effects kinda loose their power due to the compression I think. They look a lot better on the uncompressed version.

    jja tell me how to fix it and i will…..post a link or something I have to take a shower :-[

    and yeah enfeugo said the same thing about the audio and i have no idea how to fix it..anybody have suggestions…it SHOULD be stereo sound as the last one was mono.

  12. Edge says:

    Vanbergs and Vanlandw – thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for not using my annoying voice anywhere in that gem of a Guitar Heroics video. Hugs all over the place.

  13. Jeff says:

    van, I hate to hold your hand on this, because if you would just “pick it up” it would become intuitively obvious, but anyway…

    Create an .htaccess file in the root of vanlandw.com with the following:

    AddType audio/mpeg mp3
    AddType audio/mp4 mp4

  14. vanlandw says:

    normally i would look these things up but i stayed up VERY late getting this stuff to work and i’ve been at work all day. i will edit my .htaccess file per your request :-*

    give me a few seconds.

    Edit: video should work as requested f/ the jjafuller.  video should play in the browser if the correct plugins are installed…..hurray!

  15. Kramer says:

    Who are the chicks anyway?

  16. vanlandw says:

    I believe they are mistresses vanbergs knows and taped at another party. I have to say that is very good footage :-[

  17. Em says:

    I enjoyed video 2. Who can’t heart skinny Payner, Bigger Kramer and The Goedge. These three should be in all videos.

  18. bun says:

    how in the hell does that video make ME look fat. wpe.

  19. David says:

    Wow. You guys kick ass. Where is Cechg?

  20. vanlandw says:

    david vanderlaan?!?!?!??

    no eff’ing way. well i’m hoping you found my site. i have no idea what cechg is doing. I think he does people’s taxes or something. hit me on aim ‘vanlandw’ or keep droppin by the comments!

  21. Vo says:

    not enough black people.

  22. vanlandw says:

    for a good reason ;-)

    jk vo…yeah i do need to make my amigo’s more “diverse” :=[

  23. [...] I’m sure a small amount of people have been checking this space to see how I feel about 24 Season 5. The 24 party at my home went as expected. Early in the day went to the driving range (hopefully a video ala “heroics” is in the future). At night I ate a lot of food drank some “Stones” and chilled out. The attendence was quite small but overall nice. Everybody had a confortable seat and who did show up was a fun bunch. [...]

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