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AT&T Support Nightmare Pt. 3

Ugh! I was hoping my previous post would be the end of my problems with AT&T but that is CLEARLY not the case. Here’s another pointless rant of frustration nobody gives a rats ass about anymore.

8/25/09 – As noted earlier I had about a 11 day outage of service at the start of July though 4th of July weekend and beyond. That was another multiple call and multiple tech visit issue that ended up being an issue with the “central office”. After deciding it’s not even worth the effort to get reimbursed for the loss of service I let it go and was prepared to pay my full bill come the next month.

This past Saturday came the 100% unexpected. I received TWO bills from AT&T. Both with my name, and address on it. They both had different account numbers. When I was having on going problems last month I received a”new users packet” and during one of my countless calls to AT&T I was told not to worry about it. My second bill with with the new account had a charge on it for a new modem (I did not ask for or receive) and a full month of service charge. As anybody knows after reading all my previous posts support hell is coming.

Rather then giving a full account I’m just going to do a short account.

Total call time: 1:40
Times Hung up on: once
Times Transferred: 7
Times I asked for something and didn’t get it: countless

Seriously their support structure at AT&T is so stupid. There are so many people answering phones that don’t have access to other things and it makes no sense at all Also doing a blind transfer between departments is just inexcusable. One person says a Modem was sent another says it wasn’t. Apparently this modem could be from my initial setup and apparently I might have never paid for it.  After all the problems I had with my initial setup and all my bills after that I never got charged for the modem. At this point there is no WAY that I’m going to pay for it especially after this. I even asked if it was possible to combine the charges and I would pay for my last month of service and the modem and cancel my service and that did not seem possible to anybody to be able to make that happen for me.

At this point after talking to multiple reps that the second account is closed and canceled. I refuse to pay for the DSL modem at this point after all the problems I’ve had with my service and paying for service outages. Today I sent out the check for the full $45 dollars for July/August counting the 11 days of loss service. There is no way they are going to get me to pay for that DSL modem.

Regardless I really need to find a new service provider. Comcast I guess would be the best choice but I don’t want television service and I don’t want to pay more then already do. Does anybody have any suggestions seriously AT&T has treated me so poorly it’s embarrassing to still be sending them checks for what they offer me.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    I personally think Comcast is your best choice. You’ll pay like 10 or 15 bucks more per month but your service will seriously be TEN times faster. And, it won’t go down for 10 day plus increments.

    I hate comcast nearly as much as I hate Sherri palmer from 24 – and it pains me to recommend them. But, I really think you have no other choice.

    Nothing is going to be cheaper.

    You could look into a Wireless / WiMax provider like Michwave, or you could look into a more local flavor of ISP there are the US Signal, Trivalent, iServ. But, all of those will cost more than Comcast.

  2. Greg M says:

    Depending on your bandwidth requirements and latency you could go with broadband. Sprint and Verizon both have the MiFi which allows 5 wireless connections.

    Is uVerse available in your area?

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