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What oh what should vanlandw buy?

I’m at work. I’m tired bored and trying to come up with a topic to post about.  My last post was vito’ed and set to “private” so I needed to come up with something to write about.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the way I’ve been saving my money. In the past I’ve always saved for a goal of buying something cool.  Last year I saved up and got my iMac. This year I’m not really saving for anything at all other then playing for classes.  There are lots of cool things that are out that I could see investing in but nothing I really need.

Most of my current belongings are at their “half-life“. My comptuers are decent and working.  My car is decent and working.  My clothes are decent and working. Nothing I have right now is screaming REPLACE AND UPGRADE me.

I’ve been tossing around a few ideas and my friends know about them.  Is there anything I’m missing I should be aware about to throw my expendible income on? Experiences? More education? Televisions?

*let the berating begin*

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  1. HelloKittn says:

    IMHO, I see nothing wrong with you hoarding your money like an old miser until you’re ready to get a new vehicle. Tf it’s just burning a hole in your pocket, perhaps you should look around for a reasonably priced digi camera ;-)

  2. vanbergs says:

    My suggestion is to buy ANYTHING vanlandw. And again, no more of this “I’ll buy *fill in the blank* in 2007″ :-P

    As a constructive answer, you may way want to give some serious consideration to a new television. 1080p hi-def glory, 60-inch mother effing plasma. You buy that, and I’ll get the PS3 in November. Other than that, we should also not rule out a potential skydiving trip :-)

  3. vanbergs says:

    btw, who the fuck orders a goddamn baked potato at Red Lobster? Nub.

  4. chouse says:

    i have some credit card debt you could pay off O:)

  5. bun says:

    vanlandw should purchase a mistress, and unload his burden. brb.

  6. Darrin says:

    Education dude – not the GVSU kind, the actually marketable Microsoft, etc. kind.

  7. Jeff says:

    Darrin, the only problem with that is that Wes wants to get out of IT. It might just behoove him to start taking some random undergrad classes and try to score an MRS degree. :razz:

  8. vanlandw says:

    Wanting to leave and acutally leaving are two different things jja. It’s hard to just get into another industry. I really don’t have any experience doing anything else and it’s hard to get employers to take a chance on somebody with out experience. Also the money in IT is pretty damn good. I work part time and live a confortable life.

    I was thinking about maybe getting a Novell cert or even going all the way and doing Cisco. Finishing a masters degree is time consuming and to be honest I’m not sure how much it’s going to help. Working where I’m at now it seems experience is key rather then education. Half the people on our second level don’t even have four year degrees and there are people who make double a salary with shitty degrees in “applied sciences”. I would love to finish I’m not sure I have the dedication to though.

    Rusty I’m not going to buy a woman. Chouse I’m not going to pay off your credit card bills. Vanbergs I ate Jimmy Johns like two hours prior I wasn’t goign to spend $20 on a meal I couldn’t finish. Gato I want a new camera and a gun. Anybody have a good resource for finding digital camera information?

  9. Jeff says:


  10. Kramer says:

    Buy a firearm. Or better yet, multiple firearms.

  11. vanlandw says:

    A firearm will be a “later in life” purchase when I don’t live with roomates that could take my firearm and shoot me with it ;-)

    I am thinking with my tution reembursement I’ll buy something fun. I also have some money floating around awating collection so maybe when I get some of that I will create a fun purchase.

  12. Vo says:

    you should purchase something completely unnecessary and utterly superfluous. let me find something.

  13. vanberge says:

    don’t get certified in novell…. they are a dying breed as far as ‘directory services’ goes.


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