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Your Biometric Screen Results 2009

Back in 2007 I did the Biometric Screening offered though work. Last year I skipped it but this year I was able to partake.

Results f/ 2007

This year I just was unable to do the 12 hour fast that you are suppose to do prior to getting your results. Last night I had a gigantic dinner and this morning I had a coffee/bread/english muffin/orange juice/banana breakfast slightly over an hour before getting scanned. Really the results don’t matter to me too much as I know I’m in a much better place health wise then I was a few years ago. Regardless here are my inaccurate results so I have them available online so I can find them quickly

Height: 5′7 @ 3/4ths apparently
Weight: Sadly didn’t get a reading according to the woman apparently the risen floors at work don’t give an accurate reading. I would say I’m between 133-138 right now.

Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 3.6 (Less than 4 ideal)
Cholesterol: 143 mg/dl (Less than 200 desirable)
HDL Good Cholesterol: 40 mg/dl (Greater than 40 goal)
LDL Bad Cholesterol: 89 mg/dl (Less than 100 ideal)

Triglycerides: 70mg/dl (Less than 150 goal)
Blood Glucose: 88 mg/dl (Less than 100 goal)
Blood Pressure: 118/78 mm/Hg (Less than 120/80 ideal)

Body Mass Index (BMI): 20.7 (Less than 25 normal)

Yeah I wish I did the fast because the readings were a little different this time around. I know personally I’m more healthy now then I was two years ago but an accurate reading would have been the best way to go. Yesterday I had a soft taco from Taco Bell and two donuts and crap loads of food plus my huge breakfast today. If I fasted correctly I bet these readings would have been better but overall I’m happy with my health other then I could stand to loose a few pounds on my “midsection” brb.

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