Ef You Treyarch...

Never Have I Felt so Accomplished Pt. 2

Circle the Cat

I routinely do this in my apartment with Tepper in real life. If the cat was a black and white cat rather then all black this could be one of my favorite games ever. Still a good 15 min time waster if work is slow. Some of my favorite gaming expereinces recently have been just small single serving games. While I spend WAY to much time attempting to defeat Final Fantasy X games like Knytt and Circle the Cat prove to be where the real fun is.

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  1. Jeff says:

    You should just make these their own category so they don’t pollute your VG category. Also, they should be called “Never Have I Felt to Ashamed” :razz:

  2. Vanberge says:

    I got lucky and beat it on my 3rd try…

    it was fun. GG vanlandw.

    You should play the helicopter game

  3. vanlandw says:

    I’ve played a lot of helicopter game in my time. Recently I’ve been enjoying games I can beat quickly and smaller indy games. There is some good shit out there that I used to ignore because it wasn’t like “the next big thing’ so I’ll try to promote some smaller things people may have missed and get some enjoyment out.

  4. vanlandw says:


    @jjafuller your no better then me with your four year old sports games


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