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24 – Episode 1:00am – 2:00am Investigation


Ok with that out of the way last night brought up some new storyline avenues that still haven’t been fully fleshed out.  As being a total 24 nut I went “digging” for some non-spoiler information for this new character introduced last night. 

After the first commerical President Logan was shown speaking to a “mystery man” on the telephone.  He was shown a few other times in the episode but not really given much explanation. I went to the official episode guide for some answers.

1:18 A.M.
Logan phones a power broker named Graham, who is surrounded by other men at computer stations.

Clearly I have no idea what a “power broker” is and google didn’t offer to many suggestions either.  I am hoping 24 isn’t doing a “powers that be” approach Prison Break is failing at. I will assume “Graham” works for a powerful fictional company much like McLennan-Forster in season four.

Also oddly enough the actor that plays ‘Graham’ is Paul McCrane who used to be in ER and had his arm chopped off.  Trivia for everybody.  Paul McCrane and Peter Weller are both Robocop allum!

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  1. vanberge says:

    does anybody listen to 24cast?

    those dudes are so funny….

    BTW – FUCK prison break. that show is called “Prison Break” and it has been going on for 2 years with out yet “Prison Break” ing.

    24 is pivoting… and i may be angry.

    ef vanbergs.

  2. Jeff says:

    Onestamente, vanlandw, come non potete conoscere che cosa un mediatore di alimentazione è?

    Per memoria, un mediatore di alimentazione è qualcuno che risolva le emissioni logistiche di scambio “favorisca” per compire i loro obiettivi. Per loro avere informazioni, o i favori non sarebbe raro da denominare dentro dagli uffici politici dell’alto ranking o dagli ufficiali corporativi. Useranno abbastanza tipico le informazioni interne per annerire la posta una dei partiti del Th per compire il loro obiettivo.

  3. vanlandw says:

    jja = wpe

    Honestly, vanlandw, as you cannot know that what an feeding mediator is? For memory, an feeding mediator is someone that resolves the logistic emissions of exchange “favors” for compire theirs objects to you. For they to have information, or the favors it would not be rare to call within from the political offices of the high ranking or from the corporative officials you. They will use enough typical the inner information in order to blacken the mail one of you leave yourself of the Th for compire their objective.

  4. Jeff says:

    That is probably the worst translation I have ever read.

    “feeding mediator” wtf is that supposed to be. That is seriously funny. Completely incomprehensible.

  5. vanlandw says:

    vanberge i did listen to an older 24 cast and I thought it was great. they talk pretty much the same way I think about the show. i do think 24 is pretty insane sometimes but they seem to enjoy the show so it’s all fun.

    this season is just as good if not better then last season….

    you will like the next episode of prison break as well vanberge

    and yes ef vanbergs….him and his damn mistress action…after yesterday I feel dirty.

  6. Jeff says:

    I don’t think this season is better than last season. I am actually trying to determine if it is worse that 3 for the worst season spot overall.

  7. bun says:

    prison break is the worst show of all time. only vanlandw would like watching a man crawling around a sweaty prison with tattoos all over his body. brb.

  8. vanlandw says:

    That is shocking….what are you not enjoying this season? Minus the way Tony died and the typical CTU bullshit this season has some great moments.

    Rusty…it’s not the “worst show of all time” but since coming back from their break I haven’t really enjoyed it very much to be honest. I’m not a hater either but the “powers that be” element they have added is pretty silly. When the show started it was interesting to see the main character planning how to get into prison and how is orginal plan was falling apart. The show seems weekly to negate everything that happens before hand. Also Michael Scofield is turning into quite a weiner. The “flashback” episode was awful as well. What is up with TV shows wanting to tie everything together with everybody? Also the show is making the criminals way to sympathic. I know they are all decent guys but if your in prison…your mostly in prison for a reason. Next weeks episode based off the spammed teasers every channel is showing should be very good.

    I’ll keep watching but I don’t like it as much as I did orginally. Oddly enough I’m really enjoying Thief and waiting for the return of Rescue Me and The Shield. I should have just made a post out of this comment.

  9. Jeff says:

    I liked the way Tony died.

    My main problem with the show this season is the “one hour story” style it is using. It makes everything feel entirely disjointed. Going bad and watching the original seasons makes season five seem even worse.

  10. bun says:

    i didnt like the way tony died, but i was happy that he died- because i believe in heaven- and that he will spend eternity with michelle in perfect bliss.

  11. vanlandw says:

    lmao….that is really fudging funny russ. I’m sure Tony will obtain lots of hot ass trim while spending the rest of existance in PURGITORY

    lol jk


    I agree jjafuller…the “one hour” storylines kinda suck. They have been doing them for awhile but really when you sit down and watch an hour of 24 you kinda just expect things to happen. With where the storyline is going now though Jack is going to be stuck on that plane for awhile so this could prove to be pretty cool. Did anybody catch if they said where the plane is going?

  12. Edge says:

    The look on Jack’s face when the door to the plane was closing was pretty much priceless. Sort of like “Oh shit, what do I do now.” He’s so cool.

  13. vanlandw says:


    I have not one single clue what the fuck is going to happen for the rest of this season. I really want to know where the plane is going. I’m guessing either mexico, vegas, or death valley

  14. Edge says:

    straight to hell, that’s where the plane is headed

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