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Grand Theft Auto 4 – Completion Stats

When I was playing GTA4 I was curious though the middle of the game what kind of completion stats others were having. Mostly i was curious about the “Game progress” stat and what most people were getting percentage wise. Having absolutely no luck at all (I will admit that I didn’t look THAT hard) I’m posting my stats. These stats is from finishing the final mission then driving to save the game then reloading my save and hitting “start”.

I played the PS3 version with the most recent patches. I earned 16 “trophies/achievements” for a total of 20% of them. Planning on playing after the ending to get at least 25% of the trophies and try out some stuff I didn’t get to. Here are the stats. Vanberge posted his as well.

Game Progress: 65.67%
Missions Passed: 94
Missions Failed: 64
Missions Attempted: 157
Replays Used: 64
Current Money: 618318
Times Busted: 0
Times Died: 34
People Killed: 1414
Saves Made: 10
Playing Time: 32:36:14
Addiction Level: Bummed in the Gob
Longest non-stop game: 06:54:12
Favorite radio station: The Vibe 98.8
Least Favorite Radio Station: Integrity 2.0
Times Cheated: 0
Days Passed 108
Roman Like: 84%
Roman Respect: 100%
Roman Mission Progress: 100%
Vlad mission progress: 100%
Jacob Like: 88%
Jacob Respect: 100%
Jacob mission progress 100%
Faustin mission progress: 100%
Manny mission progress: 100%
Elizabeta mission progress: 100%
Dwayne like: 75%

Dwayne respect: 85%
Dwayne mission progress 100%
Brucie like 30%
Brucie respect 77%
Last cop chase time: 00:01:14
Brucie mission progress: 100%
Playboy mission progress: 100%
Francis mission progress: 100%
U.L.P.C mission progress 100%
Packie like: 59%
Packie respect: 58%
Packie mission progress: 100%
Ray mission progress: 100%
Gerry mission progress: 100%
Gerrick mission progress: 100%
Bernie mission progress: 100%
Bell mission progress: 100%
Gambetti mission progress: 100%
Jimmy mission progress: 100%

Cars stolen: 229
Bikes stolen: 8
Boates stolen: 7
Helicopters stolen: 2
Time wanted on six stars: 00:00:00
Stars attained: 333
Stars evaded: 286
Longest cop chase time: 00:18:27
Last cop chase time: 00:01:14
People run down: 1207
Kills since last save: 0
Fires started: 75
Criminals killed: 62

Favorite transport: Car
Favorite car: Cavalcade
Favorite bike: PCJ 600
Favorite boat: Squalo
Favorite helicopter: Maverick
Miles on foot: 43.47
Miles by car: 422.72
Miles swam: 0.5
Miles by bike: 30.24
Miles by helicopter: 29.38
Miles by boat: 8.94
Miles by train: 0.00
Miles as taxi passenger: 15.24
Miles traveled: Liberty City to Las Venturas
Player image: Soccer Mom
Favorite car color: Gray
Bike/Car Average speed: 35.80 mph
Longest 2wheel stunt 110.68ft
Longest bike stoppie: 0.00ft
Longest bike wheelie: 513.53
Farthest jump distance: 307.80ft
Highest jump reached: 76.92ft
Flips done in avehicle: 32
Most vehicle air spins: 1
Air Launches: 1242
Helicopter tours taken: 1
Taxis Hailed: 12
Stunt jumps found: 5
Stunt jumps completed: 0
Pay ‘n’ Spray vists: 13

Spent on buying clothes: $6400
Spent on Pay ‘n’ Spray: $1200
Made from missions: $877301
Spent in bars & clubs: $280
Spent on prostitues: $0
Spent in strip clubs: $150
Spent on food: $866
Spent on taxis: $258
Made on street races: $0
Spent on health care: $241469
Given to tramps $1000
Spent on vendors: $71
Spent on binoculars: $5
Spent in gunshop: $31720
Spent on dates: $100
Most spent on a date: $50
Picked up on street: $23728

Time spent in the water: 00:04:21
Kiki Jenkins fondness: 24%
Michelle fondness: 100%
Kate fondness: 61%
Time spent shopping: 00:08:16
Favorite shop: Perseus
Times got drunk: 5
Longest free fall: 82.15ft
First aid collected: 38

Bullets Fired: 24758
Kills by headshots: 338
Melee kills: 5
Armed kills: 1048
Time spent in cover: 00:38:12
Successful counters: 2
Player died by melee: 0
Player shot to death: 21
Player was blown up: 4
Player was roadkill: 2
Vehicles blown up 119
Cars exploded: 101
Bikes exploded: 1
Boats exploded: 6
Helicopters exploded: 11
Shooting accuracy: 57%
Kills % in free aim: 19%
Kills with Baseball Bat: 0
Kills with Knife: 3
Kills with Pistol: 47
Kills with Combat Pistol: 28
Kills with Micro-SHM: 16
Kills with SMG: 254
Kills with Assault Rifle: 167
Kills with Carbine Rifle: 279
Kills with Pump Shotgun: 3
Kills with Combat Shotgun: 125
Kills with Grenade: 24
Kills with Molotov: 1
Kills with RPG: 17
Kills with Combat Sniper: 46
Kills with Sniper Rifle: 22
Tires popped by gunshot: 94
Weapons picked up: 436

Pool wins: 1
Pool defeats: 2
Pool played time: 00:39:54
Pool clearances from break: 0
Darts wins: 4
Darts defeats: 0
Darts 180′s hit:
Darts bullseye: 5
Darts time played: 00:09:03
Darts shortest checkout: 7
Bowling high score: 28
Bowling wins: 0
Bowling draws: 0
Bowling defeats: 1
Bowling spares: 0
Bowling perfects: 0
Bowling strikes: 0
Bowling time played: 00:02:51
QUB3D high score 9525
QUB3D time played: 00:23:34
Activites with Roman: 3
Activites with jacob: 14
Activites with Brucie: 1
Activities wtih Dwayne: 2
Favorite activity: eating
Niko and Roman hangout: Darts
Niko and Jacob hangout: Eating
Niko and Brucie hangout: Eating
Niko and Dwayne hangout: Eating
Islands unlocked: 3
Vigilante levels done: 0
Most wanted completed: 0
Pigeons exterminated: 5
Drug pacages delivered 1
Number of Exotic Exports done: 6
Random Characters Met: 4

Time spent on internet: 00:20:20
Emails received: 45
Emails sent: 24
Calls made from phone: 177
Calls recieved on phone 123
Time spent calling: 01:11:49
Texts recieved: 138
Photos taken: 4
Total dates: 6
Successful dates: 6
Bad dates: 0
Scored with girl: 4
Girls dumped: 2
Prostitute visits: 0
Tramps given money to: 0
Meals eaten: 15
Hotdogs eaten: 11
Burgers eaten: 9
Nuts eaten: 0
Binoculars used: 4
Cut scenes watched: 128
Soda drunk: 4

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  1. Jeff says:

    These are quite the stats. You ought to sit down and do a simliar post for Fallout 3. And, while you’re working on that I’ll be playing the DLC. ;-)

  2. vanlandw says:

    Yeah remind me about the PS3 owners getting a broken incomplete game. THANKS JJA. Bethesda just sucks and lost a lot of respect from me on this. The GTA4 exclusive content doesn’t bother me since it’s mostly just a separate story. With Fallout 3 they are changing the game ending…really disappointing. Enjoy Broken Steel please post a blog post of your experience.

    Regardless you are right when I put the game in next to get the last of the “bobbleheads” I need to collect I’ll grab my stats and post them here that is a good idea JJAFULLA



  3. hw says:

    I got to like 20% on this game with 30 hours play. The cheat code to get the helicopter was pretty cool. Burnout was kick ass too – maybe got halfway through that. The only game I’ve played to completion was Zelda (the first one).

  4. cechg says:

    I am quite disappointed that you didn’t visit any prositutes.

  5. vanlandw says:

    hw – zelda 1 was actually a hard game without having hints gg

    cechg – i watched two people play alot of gta4 so i knew all the content of browsing the purchasable ladies so I didn’t bother doing that again.


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