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Being Busy

With the winter semester coming to a close I must say I’m sorry for being busy. I have bauercount e-mails just stacking up. Hopefully I will be able to answer questions and make updates ASAP.

Also I’m sorry about the lack of quality updates. I haven’t really had much to write about. School work is piling up and this week I’ve done pretty much nothing that fantastic or out of the ordinary. I will remember never to get Pizza Hut pizza ever again. $12 bucks for a medium pizza with no cheese on it is bull.

Also I’m sad I will be missing a showing of the new Kiefer movie for free. Apparently vanbergs got two free passes for “The Sentinel” and because of homework I will have to decine his offer. I’m sure a mistress of burden who is idolized will take my place :-(

Also I must thank my amigos for aiding with my cover letter. Just so everybody doesn’t ask I did end up applying for a position and I’m hoping good things. This could be a good opportunity professionally and as fulltime position and I’m sure with a pay increase. Maybe somebody would like to go half with me on a Pontiac G6 Coupe for my birthday!

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  1. Edge says:

    I would contribute $50 to a G6 four-door, but not a two-door. And only $50 because I like that car and just want to be taken for a sweet ride.

  2. vanbergs says:

    I have to agree with ‘Edge’ here, this is the first car ever where the sedan is better than the coupe. The coupe looks like it’s a scrunchy-faced autistic child. Furthermore, the Kiefer movie rocked, vanberge and I had an exquisite time. Sadly (or luckily), no mistresses burdened either of us. Vanlandw is currently working on projects! :-[

  3. bunhof says:

    vanlandw, i am planning on attending this film this weekend if you would like to be my man-date. clearly we are not technically brothers but i still feel very close to you :-[ i currently am not burdening any mistresses with my personage, so i think you and i would be a good match :-[

    and ef vanbergs and his myspace. every good and decent thing that man has ever done will never escape the massive, pink shadow of his pussy myspace account.


  4. vanlandw says:

    i disagree fully with goedge and vanbergs….the G6 Coupe is the fucking man. not taking away from the sedan but if i came into some money I would much rather have the two then the four door. IMHO

    also i’m glad the movie was good….i will have to check it out. i’m also glad no mistresses burdened you.

    rusty i’m thinking about going next week. i have finals and working this weekend so my “plate” is pretty full for the next week. also vanbergs’s my space really is a very unhappy location :-(

  5. vanbergs says:

    Sorry I’m not as fucking L33T as you guys to where you are just above having a myspace account. I don’t care what you guys say, without myspace, we never would have heard the song “Hell” by Disturbed. I never would have discovered 5 of my current favorite bands. So you nubs can mock me for having a myspace, or mock the content of ‘my space’. Nobody has brought one decent argument to me as to why they cannot stand myspace. If anyone’s the pink shadowy vagina, it’s russellteee…I bet he WANTS to get a myspace account, but it requires a broadband connection :-P

  6. Jeff says:

    myspace is an open watering hole where all the trash of society goes. People from there frequently hotlink images from my website. It has been happening so much frequently that I broke down and signed up for an account to reprimand the riffraff. However, my “myspace” is unconventional since I “hacked” it to only display “Page Intentionally Left Blank.”


  7. vanlandw says:

    lmao…i don’t have much of a problem for myspace it’s just not for me. I personally have no interest in meeting new people and i have no interest in old friends and acquaintances finding me. I have friends and if i need to converse with them I just hop online or hang out in the living room.

    The one thing I really dislike about myspace is the advertising. I understand why they need it and why myspace exists in the first place but the mammoth adverts are undesirable. I’ve seen a few hacks out there that totally overtake the poor design decisions that the creators of myspace have implemented.


    i saw this on a news site and that makes myspace look decent.

    looking at http://myspace.com/farquja makes me want to throw myself into the gutter

    facebook.com imho is much much better. the design choices are visually better and limiting admission to college students leads to a stronger user base.

  8. Jeff says:

    You should report that “mikeindustries” guy. He clearly violated the terms of service. There is a specific line that talks about effort to “specifically remove advertising” from the page. I found a loop hole in the requirement by just obliterating the entire page. However, as a joke, I made it so you can still click on the banner, even though you can’t see it. :razz:

  9. Jeff says:

    Ok, I did some looking around.

    The G6 Sedan looks much better than the Coupe, however if you must have a Coupe, I think the Dodge Stratus Coupe looks infinitely better.


  10. vanlandw says:

    same price point yes but you are sadly very incorrect…..

    the stratus is “ok” but for the same price i can get a car that has much more style that I personally like much more…i’m shocked more people don’t like the G6 coupe…am i the only one!?!??!

  11. Edge says:

    I don’t like the ‘rear end’ of the G6 coupe. Nothing more, nothing less. The Stratus coupe is a nice looking car, even if it did sort of replace the Avenger (my all time favorite two door car).

  12. vanlandw says:

    I used to like the Avenger’s as well. The Stratus’s look better in person but again most cars do. On Mazda’s site the Mazda3 looks like shit but in person it’s pretty sharp.

    The G6 Coupe does look better in person as well and with tinted windows and the right color it’s a pretty sharp car.

    I already have a Sedan so as my first car purchase I would like to get something kinda sporty :-[

  13. Jeff says:

    I think that pretty much all sedans look better than their counterpart coupes. I don’t understand why reducing the functionality of the vehicle makes it “sporty.”

    Regardless, I do not like “bubbly” cars. Hence, the primary reason I don’t like the G6.

  14. vanlandw says:

    You make a good point. The G6 Sedan minus the rear and extra two doors is pretty much the same thing as the coupe.

    I don’t really like “bubbly” cars that much as well but as much as everybody hates the rear end of that car I think it’s really sharp. The rear tail lights I think is nice.

    I am hoping for the 2007 model they fix a few things.

    There is no way I will ever buy a new car anyways I’m so afraid everybody is going to hate whatever I end up getting :-(

  15. Jeff says:

    Dude. You LOVE bubbly cars. When you came from the auto show you send me a bunch of links to bubbly cars. :razz:

  16. vanlandw says:


    currently…i am ashamed

    Fine I may enjoy a few cars with bubbles…


  17. vanbergs says:

    “There is no way I will ever buy a new car anyways I’m so afraid everybody is going to hate whatever I end up getting.”

    vanlandw, get what you want what will make you enjoy your drives even more. And I swear to god, if in 2007 you say “I’m gonna wait until 2008 to buy a new car”, I’m going to literally end your existence. Buy something and be proud of your purchase :-)

  18. Edge says:

    You should not worry about “what everyone else thinks” regarding purchasing a car. Unless you’re going to buy an HHR… :-)

  19. Vo says:

    Wes shall buy a HHR, because he will cave to peer pressure. and the G6 coupe looks like a girl’s car.

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