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GVSU – Revisited Winter 2008

Today I made the fabled travel down Lake Michigan Drive to meet up with some of my former co-workers from GVSU CTS. Our gathering this time was at Main Street Pub and I had a pretty standard pizza catching up with friends and genually just shooting the shiz.  After the meetup I decided to take a walk though the old stomping grounds that is the GVSU Allendale campus.  

This was the first visit I’ve taken since April 2006.  At the time I was taking masters courses to fill my time and thinking where I  was personaly  since the last steps I’ve taken on those grounds and where I’m at now is just staggering.  Even just looking at the lay of the land is enough to shock a grad even from 2003. So much is different where so much has stayed exactly the same.

My walk started in Laker Village. When it came time to park I realized I didn’t have any money to pay a meter so using my dutch skills I figured my least past of resistance to getting a ticket would be in housing parking. The first thing I noticed walking around LV is how much hardly anything has changed. Around some of the back yards there are pillars blocking the back yards  but the buildings are exactly the same, the community centers are unchanged, and the buildings still clash with all other structures on campus. I ended up passing 17-C, 17-D, and 28-E. Three of my favorite apartments still appear to be standing and not burnt to the ground.  So many amazing memories and times happened in those locations and revisiting was odd.

After walking around Laker Village I made my way to the new Lake Ontario Hall. When I was a student this building didn’t exist. It’s also wierd how this building clashes with eveything surrounding it. I took a walk inside and instantly found this wonderful computer lab filled with thin white intel imac’s.  Instantly I was furious because that is the Mac I should have purchased if I wasn’t a total idiot.  I was also furious because a lab like this didn’t exist while I was a student.  Lucky asses….

After that I took the loop over the bridge (cechg rocks), though the commons and over to Mackinac Hall. Apparently they added a new addtion and how they ended up building it is again wierd. If i could find any pictures I would post them but if you look at the two forks they totally clash.  The best part was going in the middle of the forks and they put up this nice little vista and there is seating and is inclosed. I ended up sitting down and relaxing taking in all the oddness and changes that surround me at a place that used to feel so familar. 

After checking out a few places it was time to go. For grads or former students that haven’t walked around campus in awhile I can highly recommend it. It was fun to revisit places that were so unchanged and some that are unrecognizable. Now I wish I brought a camera because it’s tough to find pictures of what I saw.  If time permits take a drive out to Allendale..

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  1. Mg says:

    I’m still harboring sadness for the demise of old Kleiner…

  2. Kramer says:

    I haven’t been on campus since probably spring of 2006 as well, or maybe fall of 05. I can’t remember. It was like seeing a completely new college for me then, I can’t even imagine how it looks now.

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