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21 Towers – DESTROYED

Yesterday my co-worker Tim who works downtown at the Spectrum Butterworth sent me some great pictures of the demolition of my old work building 21 Towers on Michigan AVE.

My first real job after college was working at 21 Towers on the fifth floor. When I finally obtained residency in DTGR it was time for me to be moved off to 60th street.  For years I’ve been saying when they tare down Towers I was going to be there to watch it fall.

Yesterday the fall begun.

Below are some photos of the first phase of the demolition.  Last night I took a walk down to the site to put my own eyes on the beginning of the end. It’s a sad building and for the most part it will not be missed. Personally I loved working there.  When the old parking garage was next to the building going to the top was an amazing lookout over downtown. Also, at the time I was working there I got to see an old town favorite Burger King brb, a Heart Center created and the beginnings of a Cancer Pavilion.

I’m hoping to get more pictures and I wanted to share these with my readership….

Here’s a link to the set of all six pictures on flickr.

UPDATE: I have added four new pictures to the flickr set. Here is my favorites of the new ones being passed around.

UPDATE 2: Got ahold of another group of pictures and have been placed in the photostream.

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  1. bun says:

    before it was a burger king, that building was an apartment building that was my grandparent’s first place together after they got married. i saw that four friends closed in downtown GR as well – times are changing… i hope the health care industry gives our city the boost it needs.

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