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2008 Presidental Election

This morning I climbed out of bed and walked to cast my vote for the next president of the United States.

It’s a beautiful day. Grand Rapids as long as I can remember has not seen a more beautiful fall then we are seeing right now.

In line waiting to vote I believe I stood next to two older men stinking of cheap booze. Trust me the thought crossed my mind to have a few before attending if work wasn’t calling my name later in the day I would have.

In my precinct was very eclectic group of individuals. Not as many young people as I was hoping but it could depend on the time of day I attended. In line nobody really talked other then complaining about cell phones. One man thought it was fine to not allow cell phones where another though it was “ridiculous” to now allow outside contact while having to wait “forever”.

All in all my entire “voting” experience was slightly over an hour including my walk to the church and that included a turn down the wrong street.

Proudly wearing my “I voted” sticker Flo, Willets, and myself attended the omelette shoppe and I powered down a bagel and a  cinnamon roll.

Now I’m at home FINALLY updating my website hoping for something powerful to say about this election season. Sitting in my back yard typing on my eee and listening to speed metal breathing in the best fall air Michigan can offer I really don’t have anything prophetic to offer that hasn’t already been said.

Today is a very important day for the 25-31 age group.  Hopefully everybody made the effort to get out there take an hour of their lives for something that will impact the next four years.

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4 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    When Obama, and the liberal congress fails utterly, maybe we can move into the same shanty town.

  2. Vo says:

    And now the voting is done and we stand and bear witness to what is one of the most historically important moments in the history of mankind.

  3. Kramer says:

    GG on voting, Van. I voted last week. Early voting is awesome.

  4. Jeff says:

    I have never understood the whole early voting thing. Or, rather I cannot understand why people will wait hours to vote early. Maybe I am just spoiled by a precinct that has a maximum wait time of 0 minutes.

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