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Google Chrome Loves Pikachu

With the release of Google Chrome yesterday I cannot believe nobody else noticed this. When attempting to install Google Chrome on my laptop I relized how similar the icon for Google Chrome is to a Poke Ball.

Apparently google are gigantic fans of pokemon.

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  1. Mg says:

    It looks like the Simon game to me.

  2. Jeff says:

    I second the Simon comparison. Actually, the google chrome icon looks a hell of a lot cooler than the poke ball. I recommend that you google around a little and see if you can find a more dynamic / better poke ball for the comparison

  3. vanlandw says:


    Looks like you are both right. The yellow, blue, green, and red are absolutely dead on.

    JJA – Regardless you should find me a better picture there wasn’t that many and that image seems to get the point across.

    You are jjafuller and “MG” you are the edge!



  4. J says:

    “I cannot believe nobody else noticed this.”

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  6. l says:

    I thought it looks like morph-ball Samus from the Metroid games myself…

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