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Kramer’s Wedding/Bachelor Party Discussion

As in the past I wanted to put a post on my site in regards to Kramer’s wedding and bachelor party. With vanberge and payner the discussion in regards to their celebrations being two of my more popular posts on my site I wanted something pubic to be in place to discuss.  There are emails that are flying around and people making plans and people waiting on plans to be made….

Personally I’m not sure what is going on.  At this junction I believe I’m “out” on any plans in regards to a group commute (aka “the van”). I’m viewing my options and trying to figure something out for both myself and Che at this point.  Other then Russ and Goedge I believe no one else has made their travel arrangements.

Regardless I’m very excited for Kramer’s Bachelor Party.  From what I’ve gathered from payner it should be a good gathering for kramer as a send off into marragehood. For most everybody I know it’s been a busy summer (myself included) and I hope everybody is doing well.

To lighten the mood I’m going to show everybody a photo of Horatio Caine.


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  1. vanbergs says:

    “I wanted something pubic to be in place to discuss.”

    Vanlandw, if you want something “pubic” to be in place for discussion, you needn’t look any further than my trousers!


  2. Kramer says:

    The van full of Vans is a no go? That is unacceptable. I expect to see a 15 passenger fan looking like the car in Tommy Boy pulling up when I get married.

  3. Mg says:

    Everyone should fly. On my flight. Making arrival even more epic because it would be by plane instead of van.

  4. Vanberge says:

    We will be discussing the intricacies of this trip on sunday.

    Currenlty it appears we are taking a 6 passenger chrysler pacifica and looking to leave friday a.m. early; return monday whenever (3 nights stay in hotel)


  5. payner says:

    who is discussing this trip on sunday? I will be working sunday until 5

  6. Mg says:

    LOL @ Payner.

  7. bergs says:

    great, so payner’s missing the draft?

  8. Mg says:

    Isn’t the Payner THE ONE person who absolutely has to make it to the wedding? Poor Payner.

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