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The Dark Knight

Friday I saw The Dark Knight. I normally don’t write many movie reviews but mostly I would really like “jja” to post about the film as his movie reviews are normally really good so I’ll write up a few thoughts about the movie.  I also want to thank vanbergs for taking me to the movies on a old school mandate for my birthday.  It was much apprecieated.

The first thing I want to state is sadly something I’m going to ripoff from my favorite movie website.  If somebody said it well already no reason not to quote them.

The Dark Knight, and films like it, give me hope for the future of movies. It is a good, solid story, and not afraid to show us the dark. Thanks to all of you for making this fable the biggest grosser of all time – you have redeemed my faith in the North American movie going public.

After the travesty that is Spider Man 3 I’m very happy a movie that is actually good is the highest first week earner.

The Dark Knight is the movie Batman Begins built towards. They fixed many problems (Katie Holmes/Combat). For an established property that is not rated R The Dark Knight is about as good as it’s going to get.

I wish the movie had a tumbler sequence as that was maybe my favorite part from the first movie (other then the ejection from the subway) but the batcycle was alright.  The fighting is much improved. I enjoyed Harvey Dent and The Joker much more then I thought I would.  Really other then nitpicking I can’t find much wrong with the movie.

Highly recommended but not “really” for children but that is exactly how it should be…well at least for me. JJA’s post will hopefully be better then mine.

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  1. Vo says:

    Seriously, that’s all you have to say about what may be one the the most influential movie of all time? I am disappointed, vanlandw. You need to pick it up.

  2. vanbergs says:

    The sheer scale, depth, execution, acting, direction, pacing, action sequences, darkness, and menace of this film all joined forces to create what is so far the best movie of the year, followed closely by Rambo.

    Also, in what is no doubt a testament to the region, the fact that Burma is a recurring location in both of the movies cannot be overlooked.

    Not only do we definitely see eye to eye on the improved action cinematography, I think you put it perfectly when you say The Dark Knight is what the first film built towards. It really is a perfect extension of Batman Begins.

    That being said, I am personally glad there wasn’t another massive scene with the tumbler. The one from the first film was truly awesome, but Nolan was so awesome at introducing new items and concepts from Begins to Knight that it almost would have felt out of place in the sequel. It served its purpose, and then gave way to a badass new vehicle, in one of the coolest ways imaginable.

    After viewing the film twice — once in standard DLP theater and again in IMAX — I have still been unable to find any major flaw whatsoever. There are minor nitpicky things (why have a CG shot of the batpod riding up a brick wall and slamming down on the ground, after such cool, physical stuntwork?), but really The Dark Knight’s execution was damn near perfect.

    Oh and for the record, Spider-Man 3 was legitimately a terrible film.

  3. Adam says:

    I think you people disliked spiderman 3 because you found yourself attracted to Peter Parker as an emo.

  4. Vo says:

    Spiderman 3 was poorly written, badly directed and just plain awful. Seriously, to see Venom shrunk down to the C-level villian they made him into bring tears to my eyes.

    Vanbergs – I still have to say that Iron Man was better than Rambo. Only because I’m a huge comic geek.

  5. Jeff says:

    Both of Vo’s comments are completely accurate.

  6. vanlandw says:

    LMAO AT ADAM – Emoman was really my main issue with the movie. Also I agree with Vo’s on Venom he should have been a highlight of the movie and really what you paid to see was maybe in the movie for 2 mins and not very well done.

    I haven’t seen Iron Man but not much of a comic geek so that will be a Netflix pickup for me.

    I think Rambo is still my favorite movie of the year…..The Dark Knight is a close second place though and both are great.

  7. Kramer says:

    Saw the movie this weekend. I agree with much of what Vanbergs said. My main complaint was changing the look of Gotham City. Instead of keeping the look of Batman Begins, it looks like Batman is running around Chicago. I swear the cars even had Illinois plates on them.

    The Joker = awesome though.

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