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My Laptop is on the Verge of Death

My very trusty and old Dell Latitude C840 is offically perishing. At this point when trying to do a regular boot of Windows I get graphical glitches on the Windows XP splash screen and then a black screen.  The laptop still works in safe mode but as my only mobile device I need to make some plans to replace it.

Though work I get some decent discounts on laptops from Apple and Dell.  If I decided to purchase a Macbook Pro I could get about 8% off.  That isn’t a great deal but removes sales tax then a few extra dollars off the list price.  If I decided to go for a Dell I could save some extra bucks but in all honesty a Dell really isn’t as nice as a Apple.

Has anybody recently bought or come in poession of a laptop?  I’m looking for recomendations and suggestions.  At this point I don’t plan on buying a laptop ASAP but mostly just looking for ideas.

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  1. che says:

    you should buy a television.

  2. flo says:

    I love my mac. But they are damn expensive.

  3. Kramer says:

    You know you want a Mac. Get one.

  4. Vanberge says:

    personally, when i bought a laptop i couldn’t justify spending literally twice as much money for similarly specked hardware to buy a mac. the 17 inch powerbook is very similar in horsepower to my 17 inch hp; and costs 1400 dollars more.

    clearly you should get an EEEpc and run teh linux.

  5. vanbergs says:

    I am sorry to learn of your laptop troubles, vanlandw.

    The only good thing about that though, is really high-end laptops have probably never been cheaper than they are right now. You could probably get a really badass piece of hardware for far less than a grand. I hate to say it, but vanberge is probably right.

    The only reason I’d recommend you get a Macbook is if they still toss in the free iPods along with them. That way you can kill two birds with one stone :-)

    Other than that, don’t get a Toshiba. While mine has been a pretty versatile workhorse, it euthanizes itself whenever it gets too warm. I guess overheating is a problem with a lot of the Toshibas.

    Also, get a new tv.


  6. Jeff says:

    Quit screwing around, and just get a 15″ MacBook Pro. If you get anything less you will obsess about it forever, just like you do with your iMac. Also, it is probably the only laptop that has a chance of lasting for your 8 year upgrade cycle.

    Eric’s hp laptop cannot have comparable stats to the 17″ MacBook Pro, because of the differences in quality of the actual hardware. Getting laptops with comparable specs show that MBP’s are price competitively for what they offer.

  7. vanbergs says:

    Who the fuck is ‘eric’?

  8. Vanberge says:

    jja – if he gets a 15 inch macbook, he will always say “i wish i had a 17 inch screen”.

    vanbergs is right. vanberge is probably right.

    Vanlandw, i wish you well and hope you find the best laptop for vanlandw; whatever that may be.

  9. jeff says:

    Vanbergay, there is truth in that. However of he got the 17″ he would complain about how big it is

  10. vanlandw says:

    vanberge – if i went MBP route i would get a 15 inch. The 17 inch is just gigantic. If i needed more monitor real estate external LCD 22WC’s are pretty cheap now I would just buy one of those.

    jja – i hate to agree with you over numba 4 but you are right. You are jja.

    I don’t plan on pulling the plug any time soon but you guys have all offered good suggestions KEEP EM COMIN


  11. Vanberge says:

    I’d probably get a power mac and iphone combo before buying a macbook pro. :-*

  12. vanlandw says:

    I have my iMac that is still chugin I hardly use I need a laptop as I’m not really doing much work at my desk anymore. I was tossin around the idea of going iMac/iPhone but I don’t want to get attached to a telephone and I can play real games on a MBP while I’m not at home.

    Thank you everybody for the assistance. Maybe I should just get a tablet


  13. Kramer says:

    Van, I have Powerbook G3 I’d love to get rid of, if you’re interested.

    Check the Apple Refurbished store as well. I bought my MacBook from it and haven’t had a problem. It looks like for MBP, you can either get $700 or $400 off, depending on which model you get.

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