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Helicopter Crash Spectrum Butterworth

This morning was pretty crazy even for a spectator.  My day started out with the biggest worry of what I was going to eat for breakfast.  Knowing all my eggs, toast, and coffee at home were exhausted I headed out to a local coffee shop to get some work done and have a peaceful early snack.  After sitting around for awhile listening to an Audiobook and some music I noticed patrons started rushing outside and talking on cellphones.  Doing my best not to be a gawker I sat inside and minded my own business.  Overhearing somebody vocalize “Butterworth was on fire” got my attention.

With that I packed up my stuff and headed down Michigan Ave to get a better look.  On my way I called flo to see if he heard about what happened but he was already on site.  In the area were tons of police, fire trucks, first responders, frantic spectrum people barking orders, and tons of spectators trying to get a grasp on the situation.  On my travels I ran into some co-workers who were in the area as well relaying overheard information.

All the major local news sources were grabbing interviews and I saw a lot of people with large digtial cameras and home camcorders taking pictures and video. After I broke apart from the people I was talking with I went for a walk around the building. After seeing the inital cloud of smoke there really wasn’t much to see other then all the commotion.  Walking home from the scene I turned on the television to hear there were two people injured but nobody seriously hurt. At that time I decided to go into work and see if I could be of any assistance (clearly I’m not as I’m updating my website).


Picture Credit: Steven de Polo

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  1. che says:

    butterworth is a war zone.


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