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New Mountain Dew – Revolution Supernova Voltage

The gods of Mountain Dew have thrust upon the general public three new flavors. Fresh off their winning formula of Game “Best Soda Ever” Fuel these new concoctions have a tough legacy to live up with.  Do they fail?

Yesterday I went with Che to WalGreens to pick up a few necessities. On the way out the door my eyeball caught a quick glimpse of three new color bottles of Mountain Dew. After beating around the bush we decided on purchasing all three.

The first thing Dew drinkers will notice is these beverages are not highly carbonated.  They lack the traditional bite Mountain Dew normally has.  These drinks pack the same sugar and caffeine content but are a much lighter and less harsh taste.  I believe what they are going for is a beverage people will crave in the mornings that is easer to drink the regular Mountain Dew. When trying the three flavors out I thought they more resembled a low percentage fruit juice then a regular soda.

If you are compelled and feel a strong allegiance to one of the flavors you can head to dewmocracy.com and place your vote for what one of the three favors stays.  After trying all three I have to say the Revolution is my favorite mostly because it reminds me of the “Baja Blast”.  Check em out while they last.

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  1. Megan says:

    Who drinks Mt Dew for breakfast!? The best flavor is Code Red.

  2. che says:

    Code Red tastes like cough syrup.

    Apparently I’m a gorilla.

  3. Jeff says:

    LiveWire is the best MT Dew. I ruined Code Red for Chouse when I told him it tastes like Rollaids. Baja Blast is/was awful. :razz:

  4. Vanberge says:

    Personally i cannot envision game fuel being defeated as best mt. dew ever.

    they need to bring game fuel back.

  5. vanlandw says:

    vanberge – none of these are better then fuel. game fuel at it’s peak is a soda i personally believe can never be defeated….

    jja – that is really funny code red is my least favorite mountain dew…live wire is really good though but i haven’t had it in ages.

  6. payner says:

    I can not really comment here since I have not had “soda” in approximatley 2 years.

  7. Corey says:

    but yet u still comment.
    btw voltage was the best of the three

  8. vanlandw says:

    payner – you are a strong man giving up soda. i freaking love it. of all the vices in the world giving up soda would be the worst for me. also i don’t eat that much and have my diet under control for the most part soda really isn’t a big deal to me i rarity over do it….

  9. Kramer says:

    I rarely drink pop, but Code Red was/is the best Dew.

  10. bun says:

    i love vanhood

  11. ann says:

    i love the New Mountain Dew Voltage it taste like a berry wine cooler
    its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JR says:

    I miss Pitch Black and Pitch Black II. Code Red just tastes like amped KoolAide.

  13. dude says:

    i like all of the mountain dews, but the best is voltage. its like cotton candy in a bottle.

  14. wide says:

    voltage is the best it tastes like bomb pops

  15. NINA says:

    both of my daughter love them all please keep them all in 20 oz btls and in the 12 pack cans

  16. john says:

    supernova is the best

  17. me says:

    uhhh i like mt. dew revolution!

  18. Hanna says:

    Ok i think that revolution is the best me and my boyfriend shared one and it was the BEST of the three and where do you go to vote ppl???

    ~Hanna From Victor, NY

  19. Alex says:

    the new MT. DEW revoulution is the best.

  20. Alex says:


  21. Kale says:

    I like revolution. I guess voltage was okay but not that good…. Supernova was DISGUSTING

  22. Kimmy says:

    I miss Pitch Black – it rocked! I love Rovolution & Voltage, don’t care for Supernova – hubby likes it though.

  23. chris says:

    wow i can tell no one of you are addicted to soda ok first part code red is good game fuel was amazing but about the 3 new flavors revolution was good but had some strange type of after taste then voltage wtf is voltage supposed to be a drank a whole 12 pack and it tasted weird and really didn’t have that pop you would have wanted then there is supernova overall one of the best falovered sodas ever it is like an even better version of mountain dew pitch black and when ever you have one you just need more it is so amazing to drink once you have had one you are relaxed and in a state of almost sleep
    btw i drink about 2-4 liters of soda a day =)

  24. Marion says:


  25. Seth says:

    Out of all three of the new flavors I’m tied between super nova and voltage because revolution just tastes like watered down voltage to me and both voltage and super nova have unique qualities about them i enjoy greatly but then again this is coming from the man that us to drink mountain dew syrup straight every day for a year just to stay awake at work…

  26. Adam says:

    I used to know someone who complained about Mt. Dew for breakfast. What’s the difference–it’s personal preference–even if all you want is the caffeine…and preferences? We get to keep those.

    Of the three, supernova is my preference.

  27. Darrell says:

    Revolution should of won.

  28. cody says:

    you suck

  29. robert spratley says:

    fuck all moutain dew bitch pepsi is better shit nigger dick fuck

  30. Robert sucks Dick says:

    See name.

  31. woo says:

    it changes color to blue in ice or cold omg and diet tastes hella sweet too

  32. Joe says:

    Wow, I don’t think Chris has even heard of a comma or period. Have some integrity when you type…

    Voltage is the best.

  33. Kate says:

    love Supernova, i wish it comes back and i wish mt dew sold the Dewshine in the kitsap county area of Washington state!

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