Ef You Treyarch...

Pain Redefined

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  1. mg says:

    That is cutest picture I’ve ever seen! GOOD RUNNING, MEN!

  2. che says:

    I didn’t realize you two stuck together all the way to the bridge. You must have really busted ass that last mile!

    Good on you :-*

  3. vanlandw says:

    It’s a very nice photo :-P

    Also yes we ran our first two miles as a “team” then I broke away and finished up.

    I am vanlandw

  4. Vanberge says:

    Did you hold your ipod like that the whole run?
    that seems like it would be hard to do.

    this is a funny picture. :-*

  5. vanlandw says:

    It’s not too bad I wish I had a nano or a new ipod touch my ghetto ass ipod is so heavy :-(

    you are numba 4 that is a great photo


  6. Anonymous says:

    Is that Hank Azaria running behind you Wes?

  7. vo says:

    You can tell it’s a marathon, too many white folk. If that was black people running, there would be more cops in the back of the picture.

    Also, Guy in green shirt, looks like Vanberge, but skinnier. ;-*

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