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**The writing post functionally in wordpress sucks. This is the second time I’ve written this post.**

With classes coming to an end and with my work ethic at a all time high I’m thinking about applying for a new position. In May I’ve been working with Spectrum for two years. This maybe a good time for a change in my life so I’m going to start applying for positions within Spectrum first. If it doesn’t work oh well I’ll go down trying.

My resume is up to date but before I start applying for positions I need some help with cover letters. In the past vanberge and R***y have sent me their example cover letters and I’ve used pieces of both. I still think I need a little assistance. If anybody has any examples or knows of any resources (rather then going to google and typing cover letter) please pass them my way. E-mail vanlandw@gmail.com or just post in the comments.

Oddly enough I got this ambition while browsing autoblog.com :-/

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  1. vanberge says:

    I.T. related or something new completely??

    BTW if spectrum sees this post i bet they terminate you ASAP.

    no me gusta terminado vanlandw :0(

  2. vanlandw says:


    I should have said this first but I’m going to try applying for a few positions within spectrum first. But I think they are not goin to fire me. I would love to get out of IT but I think I need a little bit more experience first.

  3. Jeff says:

    The writing functionality of wp works fine, clearly this was user error :-p

  4. vanlandw says:

    i wrote this post at work….seems using IE for whatever reason gives me a “page cannot be found” message when hitting publish.

    oh well….the post got up and I’ll make sure not to update using IE

  5. bunhof says:

    my cover letter has actually led to a ton of interviews, although nothing substantial. it is probably more important for the types of positions im applying for, however. if you plan on staying in the tech field, work on reorganizing your resume, not your letter.

    and tech support sucks, van. despite the fact that i would jump on any job (even tech support) that paid me more than $12 an hour fulltime, you should really try to get out while you can :( i’m thinking of starting my own dog kennel. i can give you a job cleaning poo! :-*?

  6. vanlandw says:

    If I could make $20 dollars an hour with bens I would really almost consider almost any job.

  7. vanberge says:

    You shoudl re-consider your choice to leave your position vanladnw… we have the 7th best job in the country!


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