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River Bank Run – May 10, 2008

For reasons I cannot explain vanlandw has started running again.

Before starting college I used to be quite the runner. In High School I was captain of my track team for two years and if I was taller I would have liked to have run in college. After freshman year I was all about playing video games, hanging out with my friends, and being an awful student.

Fast forward to 2008 and I’m running a 5K this Saturday.

Honestly, I’m quite excited to become a weekend runner. For the past few weeks I’ve started a quite light training regimen. About once or twice a week I’ll go out either alone or with chiarunner and just run the best I can.  There are no schedules on my wall, no miles logged or “PR’s” to beat. The way I’ve taking to fitness is the most “vanlandw” method possible. I’ve noticed lifestyle changes are coming naturally without compromising much of anything.  I’ve been going out less, eating better and without having to work too hard at it. Even without training or changing much of anything lifestyle wise I could have finished the 5K without a problem…..maybe a heart bursting, leg cramping, lungs burning, stomach vomiting problem.  Never the less I would have crossed the finish line.

This Saturday vanbergs and chiarunner will be running the Fifth Third River Bank Run.  Downtown Grand Rapids turns into a running course filled spectators and I’m sure other randomness. If anybody else wants to run I believe it’s not too late to Register. In the past I’ve been a spectator and it’s fun if anybody wants to come and take pictures (point and laugh) or just enjoy some good all fashioned local fun (drink and smoke in front of the competitors).

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  1. Adam says:

    Good luck!

  2. Megan says:

    WES is running. AND VANBERGS is running! I need to make a serious life change…

  3. vanbergs says:

    I highly doubt I will make it more than a third of the way through this “run” before I empty the contents of my stomach on surrounding runners. Six months of doing absolutely nothing has kinda limited my endurance. Sorry if I get lung butter on you vanlandw :-[

  4. che says:

    Sheesh, makes me regret I’m not running next to vanbergs now.

  5. Vanberge says:

    Good luck to all who are running in this, i am sure it is a great endeavor.

    However, i must point out that there are very few things in this world that i hate more than running. I have absolutely despised it since my very first football practice in 7th grade. Ever second that i spend running is pure torture.

    Vanlandw, remember when we smoked while jogging? lol that was awesome

  6. bun says:

    i love vanberge so much right now

  7. vanlandw says:

    vanberge – Yes I do we consumed fumars jogging from laker village to the field house.

    There was a small spell there when we were working out. That didn’t last very long :-P

    I love being fat

    bun – I do as well

  8. Kramer says:

    I agree with Vanberge, I hate running.

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