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Cleaning out My Closet

Disclaimer: I’m not writing about the Eminem song… I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I own way to much stuff. All my life I’ve been a pack rat and will constantly keep belongings that I may EVENTUALLY find a use for, or just things that I like.  Slowly stuff has been getting pitched.  Here are two t-shirts I decided needed to be given retirement and shared with my content starved readership.

This t-shirt dates back to my Junior year of High School.  The picture doesn’t do the discolor of this t-shirt justice. The shirt needed to go but I wanted a permanent memory of it’s existence.

This t-shirt will always be one of my favorites. As a true nerd I always found this shirt fascinating. I’ve never understood the relationship pairing OS/2 Warp and Ninjas but the results are truly morbid.In the past few months I’ve been feeling a little Possessed  and it was nice to get rid of some old crap and clothing that went unused.

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