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Sorry for the link based posts….deal with it. Huge news on the ’24′ front. Apparently Kiefer Sutherland has signed on to do three more seasons of my favorite show ever. Also seems he will be elevated from a co-executive producer to executive producer. Thank god Season five won’t bring the real “death” of Jack Bauer. IMHO that would be the dumbest thing ever. GG to Kiefer he’s worth every penny.

Link: Sutherland boosts pact at 20th TV

Moving on. Last week ‘Prison Break’ did a really stupid ‘three years ago’ type of episode. Personally Prison Break was a nice diversion waiting for my favorite shows to return (in the same category as Lost and a few others). To keep this short last weeks episode was rather crummy. In stead of ranting and raving I’d rather provide a weblink to an article that sums my feelings rather well. Keep in mind it’s spoiler ridden. That article 100% sums how I feel about the current direction of the show. BTW sadly I caught the teaser for tonights episode and it looks much much better.

Link: Things I Hate About TV: Prison Break’s stupid retcons

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  1. HelloKittn says:

    Despite the fact he has a “sissy name,” I must have Wentworth Miller. I’ll take the hot nurse too. Thank you.

    brb – Prison Break time :D

  2. vanlandw says:

    hello hello,

    i’m sure in due time you will have a “session” Michael Scofield.

    i get the hot nurse you get Mr. Miller…deal?

    also five people have sent me this CNN link so i’m going to post it here again mostly just because i’m vanlandw….


  3. hw says:

    don’t these 24 links count as spoilers??? you are such a n00bcake

  4. vanlandw says:

    you are a fucking noobpastry hw

    clearly this was UNAVOIDABLE…it was on the news and everybody sent it to me….clearly it’s not a storyline spoiler.

    i think it’s obvious that 24 will be doing another season

  5. vanbergs says:


  6. vanlandw says:

    mr. mistress slayer,

    clearly i’m not going to ‘stfu’ on my own website. with 24 gettings it’s largest raiting ever did you honestly think they are going to quit…this is fox we are talking about.

    take care,


  7. bunhof says:

    did vanbergs go so far as to literally “slay” one of his many mistresses? :-/

  8. vanlandw says:

    “slaying” means just totally sexually obliterating a mistress

    as far as i know vanbergs is not a murderer.

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