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Madness March 2013

After my host was moved to a new platform vanlandw.com did not port over in good shape. The shame is the fix was simple and should have been performed a month ago and for that my earnest apologies.

Things have been extraordinarily busy with no signs of relenting anytime soon and in some ways the worst is still to come. I’m Alive, and in reality all is good just a lot of changes I didn’t foresee came quick and from there things just pile up.

With the site in working order there are a few things I’ve wanted to post I will get around to if anybody is still around.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Huzzah. I just dropped by to inform you that google reader is reaching end of life, which I am sure you were already aware of. ;)

  2. vanlandw says:

    Oh I’ll have something to say about that. Appears they.misled.us also has reached “end of life”/RIP HAHA jk :-p

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Something like that. It just redirects to jjafuller.com

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