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Review: yoursiteforaday.com

Doesn’t everybody want to be the guy who came up with The Million Dollar Homepage? He started a page, came up with a genius idea, plastered advertising on it, and became rich famous and envied for doing next to nothing. I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to come up with a website idea that would net me tons of money.

Enter yoursiteforaday.com created by my very good friend vanberge.

His idea reminds me of a cross of The Million Dollar Homepage and woot.com. Where woot’s moto is “One Day, One Deal” yoursiteforaday.com seems to be “One Day, One Advert”. According to the FAQ’s yoursiteforaday.com sets out to accomplish the following.

The idea is that the front page of my website can be “purchased” – or, rented – on a daily basis by anyone who wants to display their content. For example, you or your company can purchase July 4th 2008. On that day, the main page will be configured to display your content and only your content (most typically an advertising image linking to an external website).

Personally I like the idea.  For advertisers having somewhere that offers quick flash of high visibility using yoursiteforaday.com is effective. As you can tell on the Site Index a site maintained by yours truly will be a featured site and I plan on constructing a strong advertisement (give me a chance to try out Pixelmator).

If I had to provide one criticism the basis of the site is essentially to show the viewer one advertisement everyday.  After thinking about the scope of the site I thought it would be a great idea to sell the idea of “buying a piece of the internet” as more then just selling ads but rather selling a piece and being able to do whatever you want with it.  If somebody wanted to bring light to an issue they could use the image space to get their word across.  If you wanted a memorial  or a RIP to a lost family member throw it up there. One of the reasons million dollar homepage  so well received is the idea that your advert or message will be permanently shown on the internet even though in his FAQ he says the site will stay up for at least five years.

I urge everybody to help get the word out about this site. Knowing the source it came from I fully recommend the services and if you want a advertising presence a little off the wall please checkout yoursiteforaday.com

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  1. Vanberge says:

    Good feedback van.

    You’ve got a point.

  2. Vanberge says:

    Vanbergs seriously put my site on the news this morning… and i am currently linked under their station website



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