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Friday Links – October 26, 2012

Almost a year of Friday Links, hopefully everybody hates them.

Cellphones Are Great for Sharing Photos—and Bacteria

Boh Ruffin, a senior applications engineer at Corning Gorilla Glass, says standard off-the-shelf cleaning products, such as alcohol wipes, won’t degrade the performance of the glass, though he wouldn’t speak to smartphones’ performance directly.

Alcohol Wipes are something everybody should have available. Aside from monitors I use them to clean all my devices and controlers.

The New Face of Infidelity

Social networks are another factor, if only by expanding the pool of possible partners. Emotional friendships that turn physical are the traditional point of entry for female affairs. It is now easy for those friendships to take root online.

WSJ killing it this week. This is not shocking in the least

Republican Senate Candidate Says Rape Pregnancies Are a ‘Gift from God’

Another thing that did not go unnoticed was the ad featuring Mitt Romney endorsing Mourdock that dropped earlier this week. It was the first such endorsement Romney’s made for a Republican candidate, and it may or may not still be valid. Update: Romney’s campaign has not asked for the ad to be pulled

I’m sure everybody has already heard about this story already. How could any woman vote for Mitt Romney this election? Even as a man the Republican view on women is just repulsive this voting season.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé lose bid to Trademark Daughter’s Name

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have lost a bid to trademark the name of their daughter, Blue Ivy. The musicians’ petition was denied by the US patent and trademark office, permitting an American wedding planner to continue using the name.

They create life then give their child a name on hopes of making money off it. Parenting at it’s finest.

Amazon.com Announces Third Quarter Sales up 27% to $13.81 Billion

Operating cash flow increased 8% to $3.37 billion for the trailing twelve months, compared with $3.11 billion for the trailing twelve months ended September 30, 2011. Free cash flow decreased 31% to $1.06 billion for the trailing twelve months, compared with $1.53 billion for the trailing twelve months ended September 30, 2011.

Oh misleading headlines. The company lost $274 million on sales of $13.81 billion.

Ten Ways to Show Respect for People

Look at people when they talk.  Good listening means being willing to stop working computer, close a door, stop reading your email, or only answer emergency calls. Give the speaker your full attention, and let them know they are getting your full attention.


→ Defining Quality

Editor’s Note: This story is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S III. Stories like these are purely editorial, presented by a participating sponsor; advertisers do not produce them.

“Editor’s Note” is the new advertisement. Shame good story.

→ Brutal Doom: Knee-Deep in the Dead (YouTube)

My playthrough of the entire first episode of this classic game, using SGT_Mark_IV’s BrutalDoom v0.14 and DoomMetal.wad. No Commentary, just sit back and enjoy the violence!

Awesome new Doom 1/2 mod. ID should hire this guy and release this on XB/PS3 and make a killing.

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