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Best Web Article Headline EVER

This morning a not so funny story was passed along that is hopefully results in a funny blog post. The best part of the article is the particular headline. Image posted in case woodtv.com has a case of the “picking it up’s.” Without further pause…West Michigan reporting at it’s finest…

Now, I understand where they were going with the headline. The text from the story states…

“He knew a lot of people. He touched a lot of people,” said Sherri Riley, another daughter.

Regardless if you were just blindsided by a random linking I can imagine the first thing you would think about the victim is he’s the president of “Persons Against Aphephobia” or PAA for short. If I was the web content editor for woodtv.com there is no way I would have allowed a headline like that.  Don’t they watch Headlines by Jay Leno? This is the type of stuff people catch!

Regardless my sympathy’s to the family for their loss, and thank you to woodtv.com for a chuckle.

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  1. ME says:

    People = Me? :-P

  2. vanlandw says:

    yes you sas-master :-*

    I need to provide better credit in my posts you are absolutely correct “ME” was the founder of this beautifully written article :-)

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